Under the Weather


Holy moly, it was cold outside today. The wind was whipping like whoa and it rained hard this afternoon. The only time I ventured outside today was to drive the five feet down the road to the post office and even then it seemed like my mommy-mobile might just blow away. Even Brutus and Scout, who insist on being put on the lead every fifteen minutes or so (seriously, it’s like, let the dog in, let the dog out, let the dog in, let the dog out ALL DAY EVERY DAY), didn’t want to go outside more than a couple times over the course of the day.

In short, it was a crappy day. We had planned on going to the mall to go shoe shopping and visit ColdStone Creamery (A.K.A. Cindy’s Favorite Place EVER), but neither Greg nor I really wanted to take Zoey out in this weather. And that was just fine because Greg and I, both, spent the day feeling like poop. Greg was nauseous and my head ached like crazy (along with my legs being shaky and my throat feeling like it was on fire). Zoey, on the other hand, felt fine, which meant that she was ready to play the entire day while Greg and I walked around the house like zombies.

We’re learning that just because we feel like crap doesn’t mean we get to take the day off from parenting. No matter how you’re feeling, babies still expect you to feed them, change their diapers, play with them and cuddle. You don’t really get a break–no matter how much you might want to sleep the day away. Before having Zoey, I probably would have grabbed a couple of scrapbooking magazines and our laptop and set up camp on our bed until I felt better. But no more. I have a little baby to take care of because she just refuses to make her own meals.

So Zoey, Greg and I spent the day making funny faces and playing with stuffed animals and board books. And every once in a while, Greg and I would look at each other over Zoey’s head, both of us looking like death, and without saying a word, we both knew what the other was thinking–kill me now.

Greg, bless his heart, went into Awesome Boyfriend mode this afternoon and fed Zoey supper and played with her so that I could curl up in our recliner and pass out for a while. He’s just the absolute best (and also he said I should have ice cream tonight to help soothe my fiery throat. He’s my enabler; I think I’ll keep him).

As for our interrupted plans, we’re hoping to head out to the mall tomorrow with our little girl. And most importantly, we’ll introduce her to the Mecca that is ColdStone Creamery.


About cdhoose

I'm a mom to an amazing little girl and have another little one on the way. I live in Upstate New York with my fiance and daughter, 2 big, crazy dogs and a 3-legged cat (who has an attitude). I hate know-it-alls, Lindsay Lohan and socks with holes in them. I always seem to get myself into trouble (which entertains my fiance to no end), but I try hard to be a good parent. Also, I occasionally work on scrapbooking the fifty billion pictures I've taken of my kid. And I like ice cream. The end.

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