Our Refrigerator Bids Adieu


When we first moved into our current home, we weren’t all that impressed with the small top-mount refrigerator that featured a tiny freezer and not a whole lot of storage space. It just wasn’t cute and given its condition, we surmised pretty quickly that it was older than dirt. But it kept our food cool and it fit perfectly into the space between our cupboards and the wall, so we just accepted it and went on with our lives.

Then my parents decided to buy a new refrigerator and they were looking to unload their old one–a beautiful side-by-side model with through-the-door ice and water and a pull-out cabinet on the other door. Very exciting and a huge space upgrade from our old one. The only downside? My parent’s refrigerator was over twenty years old.

So what? Who cares? We got it for free (thanks Mom and Dad!) and Greg’s stepdad, Chuck, helped Greg transport it to our house. Greg surprised me by installing it and transferring all of our food from the old refrigerator before I got home from work that day. It was wonderful–what with the ice at the touch of a button.

The only downside was that it didn’t exactly fit in the space that the old one had, so the side-by-side stuck out a little bit more than we were used to. But that was doable.

Our old refrigerator was banished to our screened-in porch for potential extra storage space should we need it.

And then a couple of weeks ago, our wonderful side-by-side model stopped keeping food as cool as it should. Greg researched refrigerators and talked to family and friends in the know to see if maybe it needed a freon boost (kind of like in the morning when I need my coffee to get me going). He cleaned underneath the refrigerator over and over again, thinking that maybe dust and errant dog hair had maybe clogged up whatever pushed cold air into the two cabinets. But nothing helped. It just kept our food barely above room temperature and that just ain’t cool.

Greg and I finally decided that it was time to take the refrigerator out back and shoot it a la Old Yellar. I mean, it was over twenty years old–maybe it was just time. And we had that top-mount model on our screened in porch that we could use…

So, Greg hauled the top-mount model back into our kitchen, cleaned it out and plugged it in to start getting it cool. I got home from work that night and was surprised to see two refrigerators in my kitchen–the slowly-dying side-by-side and the ready-to-get-back-to-work top-mount. But it was a good surprise because I was tired of food not staying fresh as long as it should. I wanted the old top-mount back.

That night, as I was cuddling with Zoey in an effort to get her to go to sleep, Greg walked into the room and announced, “The refrigerator just crapped out.” He didn’t use those exact words, but you get the drift (note to self: create swear jar for Greg and I when Zoey is older). He said  that he had just happened to open one of the doors on the side-by-side model and was shocked to find that it was actually warmer INSIDE the refrigerator than in our kitchen. Ditto for the freezer compartment.

Needless to say, Greg switched over all of our food to the top-mount (which wasn’t in place yet–it’s sitting a few feet away from our stove in the middle of the kitchen). And by the time I got Zoey to sleep for the night and went back downstairs to the kitchen, the only thing working on the side-by-side model was the light when you open a door.

So now we have an empty refrigerator sitting in the only spot in our kitchen where a refrigerator will fit and a full refrigerator sitting in the middle of the room. Wonderful.

On the plus side, our food is nice and cold and National Grid is offering a deal where they will come remove your old refrigerator for recycling and give you $30. We’re totally going to give them a call.


About cdhoose

I'm a mom to an amazing little girl and have another little one on the way. I live in Upstate New York with my fiance and daughter, 2 big, crazy dogs and a 3-legged cat (who has an attitude). I hate know-it-alls, Lindsay Lohan and socks with holes in them. I always seem to get myself into trouble (which entertains my fiance to no end), but I try hard to be a good parent. Also, I occasionally work on scrapbooking the fifty billion pictures I've taken of my kid. And I like ice cream. The end.

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