Dinner at Comandos


Friday night, Carol and Chuck took Greg, Zoey and I to a restaurant in Cortland called Commandos. I guess the place was open a long, long time ago, but for whatever reason it closed for, like, over a decade. And then a few months ago, they reopened. So, this was the first time I had ever been there–and the first time in a very, very, very long time that anyone else in our party had been there.

Let me tell you–all of us LOVED the place. We got to sit in the very back of the room–in sort of a little alcove, which was perfect for when Zoey decided it would be fun to start yelling when Mommy didn’t give her food fast enough. The food was awesome (and they give you a lot of it), but more importantly (boy, has my life changed!) the high chair they let us use was completely AWESOME. Double tray, people. Easy to clean.

There was even musical entertainment in the form of Zoey playing the spoons while sitting on Daddy’s lap.

Like I said, the food was spectacular–Zoey ate fettucine alfredo, fresh bread with butter and cooked mushrooms that Greg and Carol kept sneaking her ( she LOVES cooked mushrooms).

After she was done eating, Zoey decided it was time to play, even though the rest of us were finishing up our dinner. So Daddy took her for a walk around the restaurant (mainly to see the awesome table with a tree in the middle of it. Zoey liked the white Christmas lights on the tree. We are totally eating at that table next time).

And then she played with Poppy for a while:

Would be go back to Comandos? Absolutely. Good food. Good times. Zoey approves.


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