Dear Boudreaux’s (of the Baby Butt Paste),


I originally found out about your product when I was pregnant. Greg and I were walking through Target, trying hard to fill up our baby registry with things other than cute stuffed animals and even cuter onesies. We saw the Desitin first and immediately, we wanted to add that to our list because everyone knows that Desitin is good for sore baby bottoms, right? But then the packaging of your product (mainly the bright yellow color–genius, by the way!) caught my eye and Greg and I, because we’re human and have moments of being not entirely mature, giggled at the name. Baby Butt Paste. How can you not laugh?

And I’ll admit that the immature part of us put it on our registry because we liked the name and we wanted to see who would buy us baby butt paste for one of my three showers.

But after our registry was done and I was further along in my pregnancy, I started hearing from other moms about how awesome your product was. I kind of laughed it off because, like I said, before that trip to Target to do the registry, I’d never heard of anything other than Desitin.

Then Zoey Grace was born and even though it doesn’t happen all that much, there are occasions when her butt gets red and your product is needed. Let me tell you, I’m a believer. One coating of your butt paste and I can tell Zoey is more comfortable and the redness goes away much quicker than it does with Desitin. In fact, I’ll just say it right out–I LIKE BOUDREAUX BABY BUTT PASTE BETTER THAN DESITIN. A lot better. Works faster. Does the job better.

Your product has earned a special place in my heart and I’ll never use anything else.




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