Greg’s Father’s Day (In Pictures)


Greg’s first Father’s Day ended up being sort of a whirlwind of activity (all planned) because we wanted to see my dad for a couple of minutes before we were scheduled to meet his mom and step-dad at Bob’s Barbeque (a summer staple in our area) for a late lunch. Of course, nothing went as planned because Zoey ended up taking a good hour and a half morning nap (which she needed like whoa) and that gave me about forty-five minutes to take a shower, get myself dressed, get Zoey dresses and pack a diaper bag (I ended up forgetting half the stuff we would need for lunch, including her booster seat. Thanks Nana for remembering a bib!).

Then we were off to my parent’s house so I could give my dad a Father’s Day card and a hug before rushing out to get to our late lunch date.


So, Bob’s Barbeque (if ever in the Homer/Cortland area, dude, you have GOT to go to Bobs) is pretty much just a big roadside stand with lots of seating and a play area for the kiddies. It’s grown a lot in the last few years, which has definitely attracted more people, but the prices continue to be semi-reasonable and the quality of the food is just…well, yummy.

Bob’s was hosting a live band yesterday afternoon as part of a Father’s Day celebration. Greg’s mom and step-dad knew one of the band members personally, which is why they had wanted to go and listen for a while.

But first, Daddy and Zoey had to check out the bounce house that Bob’s had for the day. No other kids were playing inside it at that moment, so Daddy set Zoey inside just to see what she’d do. At first, she didn’t seem to sure of what was going on:


You can tell she was talking like whoa in the second picture

She was much more interested in holding onto the outside chords and watching the other kids jump inside:

Carol, Greg’s mom, had brought a blanket to put on the ground next to our picnic table so Zoey could play with her toys.

Zoey, though, was much more interested in crawling off the blanket to sit in the grass. She loved crawling around in the grass, which was fine as long as she stuck close to all of us and didn’t try to eat it (we had a few close calls with the latter). At one point, she even ended up crawling under our picnic table.

She was in her own little world

Greg took Zoey for a walk around the dining area.

Their walk included finding little flowers along the way:

OMG with the cuteness!

The two of them read Daddy’s Father’s Day card from Nana together:

And they danced together when the band started playing:

After our lunch (and time spent with Greg’s Mom, step-dad, sister and family), Greg, Zoey and I headed to the park where Zoey is going to have her birthday party next weekend. I wanted to get one more look at the pavilion with Greg there so that I could explain where I wanted to put the tables (and stuff) to see if it all made sense. As soon as we pulled into the park, Greg noticed to kiddie wading pool was open. So, after we went to check out the pavilion, we decided to let Zoey go swimming.

Greg went in the water with her while I took pictures and nagged Greg about holding onto Zoey tightly.

At first, Zoey was completely okay with the water and liked stomping around in it:

Then Mommy and Daddy got smart and took her skirt off so it wouldn’t get completely soaked (didn’t really matter since her shirt got soaked anyway). After that, Zoey’s little bottom got wet when she tried to sit in the water and she was suddenly NOT okay with the whole swimming thing.

She started to cry a little bit and immediately, I was ready to call it a day. My baby doesn’t need to swim. She’s just fine on dry land, thankyouverymuch. But Greg, ever the voice of reason, said we should just wait a minute and sure enough, this happened:

When we took her out of the wading pool, her diaper was two-sizes larger than it had been when she had gone into the water. We sat her on the cement next to us for just a second while Greg put his sneakers back on and she slowly sank down as her diaper started releasing water. Zoey fussed a little, so I picked her up and stuck her on my hip like I always do and a big gush of water fell out of diaper. We now know, from experience, that when they say Luvs are extra-absorbant, they sure mean it!

When we got home, we fed Zoey her supper and she ended up going to bed relatively early–as did Greg and I because it had been an awesome, yet tiring, day.

For more pictures from our fun Father’s Day, click here.


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