Par-TAY, Part 5 (Decorations)


Well, look at all of the stuff I stressed over for the past couple of months. All decorations were handmade by me.

The pennant banner

I used my mom’s Cricket machine to cut out the letters from regular scrapbooking paper and cardstock (thanks to my mom for helping me with that!) . The brown paper is cardstock that were cut into triangles. Letters were glued on with regular craft glue (I prefer Duck brand) and triangles were strung together with regular twine tied in a small bow (holes made by a regular hole punch. Funny how the fancy-shmancy one I bought from Jo Anne Fabrics broke within two tries of using it and the cheap one I got from Walmart worked like a charm). We hung the whole banner from the rafters with the same twine. Very simple to make, although I would suggest doing what I did and NOT tying the triangles together until you’re actually at the party location, as the twine can rip through the holes in the cardstock easily if not properly transported.

The photo banners 

Again, pretty simple to make. We had two at Zoey’s party–showing her progression from sonograms to 1 year old. Pictures are hung from twine using clothespins. Just regular clothespins, although I decoupaged scrapbooking paper on the top of mine and added rub-ons for a stylish look. To do this, simply trace the clothes pin onto scrapbooking paper. Cut the shape out of the paper and use Modge Podge to glue the paper to the clothespin (I suggest lining up the paper on the side where the part of the metal clip goes to the very bottom of the clothespin. It makes it easier to trim the paper). Use Modge Podge to coat the paper onto the clothespin and let dry. Add rub-on.

The centerpieces

I got the idea for these out of Scrapbooks Etc. magazine. The pails were in the dollar bins at Target. The flowers are stuck into green foam squares that you can find at most any craft store or Walmart (To save money, buy the three-packs and cut them by hand. I used a butter knife to cut mine to size. Very easy). I bought a bag of the brown stuff around the flowers from Walmart. You don’t need a lot of it, as it’s mainly used to cover the green foam square holding the flowers (after making nine centerpieces, I still have at least half a bag of the stuff left).

Table Runners

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of any of these. But they’re very easy to make. Mom used her Cricket machine to cut out letters that spelled ‘Happy Birthday Zoey’. Then I glued them to a long streamer. We placed them on each table just in front of the centerpiece. Just a piece of advice–tape the runner to the table, as wind will make it blow away in no time.

Fringed streamers

This picture isn’t the best, as the wind was blowing the streamers upwards and I had only a couple seconds to get any shot at all. Basically, I took eight rolls of streamers, unrolled them, layered each roll into strips and cut fringe on both sides. Just a little something to add to a normal streamer to spice it up a bit. Very easy to make, just a little time consuming.

The only thing that kind of went wrong with this project is that once the streamers were fringed, they were very fragile and ripped kind of easily. A little bit of tape fixed that, although the humidity was so high on party day, the streamers didn’t want to stay taped to the pillars of the pavilion. They were still pretty, though.

Z frame

This was a last-minute edition that I saw on and loved. The frame is glassless and the brown background is just cardstock that I cut to fit. I created the Z in a Word document, enlarged the size, printed it out and traced lines across the Z to give me a guide to work with when cutting the scrapbooking paper. All of the scrapbooking paper was leftover from the invitations and flower pinwheels that I made.

The sign-in book

Greg and I decided we wanted to have a book that Zoey could look back at when she’s older and see who came to her party. Very easy to make. Pattered scrapbooking paper glued together with plain cardstock on each page to give people a place to write messages or just sign their names. The cover design was made with white rub-ons and alphabet stickers. The rings on the border allow us to add more pages for pictures or future birthdays.

Super thanks to my mom for helping cut letters and streamers for me.


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