The Last Two Weekends in Pictures


Good Lord! It seems like we’ve been going almost nonstop for the past couple of weeks, which is why posting on here has been spotty at best. Working on it, people. Working on it.

Our 4th of July holiday actually started the day before. We met Carol (Greg’s mom) and Chuck (Greg’s step-dad) at Dwyer Park for lunch and so they could see Zoey play in the wading pool.

My child looked absolutely adorable in her little bathing suit (courtesy of Nana) and she loved being in the water:


Greg liked playing in the wading pool, too

That night, we went to Greg’s dad’s house for their annual cookout and fireworks. It was Zoey’s first fireworks show and she was so unimpressed, she fell asleep about halfway through. The highlight of the cookout was when Ray  Charles’s rendition of ‘America’ came on the radio and my Greg sang along karaoke-style. When he finished the song, everyone broke out in cheers because Mr. Greg should be on American Idol. I was very proud.

The next day (on July 4th), we headed to Greg’s Aunt Jennie’s house on Lake Cuomo for a barbecue. Zoey was fascinated with her 2nd cousin, Owen (who is just a few months older than her):


 See Zoey’s and Owen’s Nanas in the background with their cameras ready?

 Their romance was short-lived, though, because Owen tired of the kisses from Zoey and tried to walk away. Zoey wasn’t ready to let him go yet (possibly because she was using him for balance) and she held onto his arm tightly, even when he slapped her. And that would be about the time that Owen’s mom and I stepped in and separated the kids. Owen’s mom told him not to slap and I cuddled with Zoey while she nursed a broken heart. Young love.

But not too much later, she was all smiles again when she got to play in a pool that was just her size:


Isn’t my Gregory so handsome? He was totally wishing for a beer right there.

After Zoey got out of the baby pool, I let her crawl around in her bathing suit for a while. I figured she had a Swimmie on, so what could it hurt? Turns out Swimmies are NOT the same as diapers–as I found out when Zoey was sitting on my lap and all of the sudden my lap got very, very, very warm. the entire front of my skirt was soaked, so I ended up wearing a towel around my waist while Aunt Jennie was nice enough to wash and dry my skirt so that I didn’t have to wear pee for the rest of the party.

Greg thought it was hysterical. I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide.

For more pics from our 4th of July weekend, click here.

This past weekend, we were back at Lake Cuomo for Greg’s 2nd cousin’s graduation party.

Zoey loved crawling in the grass:

She attempted to eat a few leaves, but I managed to wrestle them out of her hands every time before they got to her mouth.

Then she went for a swim in the lake with Daddy:

2-piece bathing suit on a baby = ADORABLE

She tried out her awesome floating toy from Grandpa Emmett and Grandma Karen:


Note to self: It’s SO much easier to get child into floating toy PRIOR to putting it in the water. Don’t worry there’s a bottom to the toy that her legs go through so she couldn’t fall out.

When her lips started chattering, we got her out of the water, changed her right away (Mommy learned her lesson after the Swimmies incident) and Zoey and Owen hung out again for a while:

She’s totally rethinking the whole sharing her toys thing

Here’s a couple close-ups of Zoey while she played with Owen:


Cuteness galore. In the second picture, she was attempting to talk to Owen.

And after Owen wandered away, Zoey got to play with her bus all by herself:

For more pics from the graduation party, click here.


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