Dear Zoey,


So much happened this weekend in your little world, baby girl. I just wanted to record some of it to remember forever:

Saturday, you learned what a brush was for and then every time you saw your little baby brush, you just had to try it out on Mommy’s hair, Daddy’s hair and Scout’s fur. And when Mommy brushed your hair and told you how pretty you are, you sat with your hands in your lap, a pleased smile on your face because you figured out what that darn brush is for! It was absolutely amazing watching you learn right in front of us–and seeing how proud of yourself you were.

We went to the Farmer’s Market it Cortland and when you saw another little girl in her Daddy’s arms, you wanted to give her a kiss (you always try to give other little kids kisses). We looked at fruits and vegetables, but you didn’t seem too interested when we bought fresh raspberries, blackberries, squash and cucumbers. But yesterday morning, you enjoyed eating a little bowl-full of raspberries with your breakfast (not so much the blackberries. You were much more content on feeding them to the dogs).

After we left the Farmer’s Market, Daddy and I noticed you had pulled out the bag of crackers Mommy had packed in your diaper bag. We let you play with the bag as we traveled because it kept you happy. But when we got to your destination we were surprised to find that all of the crackers were missing! There had been at least eight in the baggie when I had put it in your diaper bag. One half-chewed cracker, as evidence, was sticking to your shirt. Later on that day when we got back home, I found a couple more on the seat of the car. But, the bulk of them had disappeared–most likely into your belly.

We went to the Queen Diner in Ithaca for lunch and you seemed so happy sitting in your own booster seat that pulled right up to the table. You ate parts of Mommy’s turkey club and Daddy’s roast beef club and fries.

Then we went to Walmart to get some groceries and you were such a good girl. Minimal fussing that was probably due to lack of nap and boredom. Because you were such a good girl, Mommy and Daddy bought you a couple little toys (Weebles) that you loved playing with when we got home.

Daddy showed you how to throw a tennis ball to Scout yesterday. Even though it didn’t go very far when you tossed it (because you’re still so little, my precious baby), you were so excited when Mommy and Daddy clapped for you. I’m looking forward to many, many, many more opportunities of watching you and Scout play catch as you grow older.

Also yesterday, you refused to lay down for me to change your diaper. So, at least three times, I was forced to change your diaper while you stood in front of your toy box or hung onto the coffee table. A couple of times when I actually got you to lay down so I could take your wet diaper off, you rolled over and started crawling away naked bare butt on display.

I think you might have been teething because you were kind of clingy and you kept trying to munch on your fingers while drooling up a storm. Tooth number nine coming in? Time will tell. When we were able to get you in your playpen so Daddy and I could make tacos for dinner, you got scared at the sight of Daddy moving the vacuum cleaner (it wasn’t on) and I had to put you on my hip to settle you down (but you still kept sneaking glances at the vacuum cleaner to make sure it didn’t try anything sneaky).

Last night, you woke up crying really hard–like maybe your teeth were bothering you or you had a bad dream. Mommy raced upstairs to your room and settled you down by changing your diaper, wiping away your tears and talking softly to you. Telling you it was okay, that Mommy and Daddy were there. You fell back asleep relatively quickly.

But then you woke up a little after midnight–fussing again. I rushed into your room and found you sitting up in your crib. As soon as I leaned over the railing, you clung to me, burying your face in my arm. I think you were trying to fall asleep on me, but the railing of the crib was in between us.

You also kept looking through the bars of your crib at the air conditioner in your window. I couldn’t figure out why for the longest time.

I laid you back down in your crib, covered you up with your little blanket, gently pushed your hair out of your eyes and whispered to you that it was time to go to sleep. Your eyes were barely able to stay open and I sat in the rocking chair next to your crib until you fell asleep.

It was only as I was walking back to Mommy and Daddy’s room that I realized your air conditioner sounds a little like the vacuum cleaner.

Can you BE more adorable? I don’t think so.

You are amazing, fascinating, beautiful and absolutely wonderful and Daddy and I are so grateful God gave you to us.

We love you more than the moon, the stars and all of the fish in the sea,


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