Happy Birthday, Colleen



Today, my sister turns one year older (I won’t post her age because I don’t know how she’d feel about it–although she’s only three years older than I am). When we were growing up, we didn’t always get along (I totally don’t remember cutting her Barbie doll’s hair, but I bet if you ask her, she’ll say I did it)–quite possibly because we shared a room for years and I had the awesome bottom bunk. But I feel like as we got older, we matured (read: I matured. Colleen came out of the womb ready to be an adult) and became friends.

Okay, this is getting too sappy.

What I want everyone to know about my older sister is that I refer to her as Super-Mom. She has four beautiful kids. FOUR. I have one and I can’t always keep up with her. Imagine having four–all with dance lessons or lacrosse games or slumber parties or whatever that they have to get to. And Colleen handles it while holding down a full-time job as a nurse for the county. She’s constantly on the go, but it works. She makes it work.

She’s amazing and wonderful and I totally appreciate the fact that I can call her at pretty much any hour of the day and ask her about the color of Zoey’s poop or the size of a bug bite and she’ll talk me off the ledge. She stays calm during family emergencies (just so you know, I have the reputation in our family as being ‘the wreck’ with such things) and I dare say she’s the glue that holds all of us sisters (four in all, including me) together.

Also, she taught me how to ride a bike and helped teach me how to drive a car. She was the first person I called when I knew something was wrong with my first pregnancy and she was the one to give me the best new mom advice after I had Zoey.

She’s done so much and experienced so much and I truly respect and am in awe of how she weathers through the bad times and enjoys the good times. She’s an absolutely amazing person and I’m glad she’s my big sister.

Happy birthday, Colleen.

Now make Seth take you out for dinner.


About cdhoose

I'm a mom to an amazing little girl and have another little one on the way. I live in Upstate New York with my fiance and daughter, 2 big, crazy dogs and a 3-legged cat (who has an attitude). I hate know-it-alls, Lindsay Lohan and socks with holes in them. I always seem to get myself into trouble (which entertains my fiance to no end), but I try hard to be a good parent. Also, I occasionally work on scrapbooking the fifty billion pictures I've taken of my kid. And I like ice cream. The end.

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