Wednesday Props–Matt Damon and Teachers


Everyone knows Matt Damon from movies such as Good Will Hunting and The Bourne Identity. And everyone knows he’s the Matt in ‘Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’. But what you might not know is that he feels passionately about education, more specificially teachers.

Recently, he participated in the Save Our Schools march in Washington, DC. and even gave a passionate speech about how teachers have impacted his life. But the best part was later on when he was giving an interview and an idiot cameraman made a comment about how 10% of teachers are bad and that maybe the should have other jobs. Matt’s reply? “Maybe you’re a (crummy) cameraman.”

Here’s the thing, the whole debate that Matt spoke about is whether or not teachers should have tenure. Well, of course they should. In a time when everything possible is cut from school budgets, the last thing we can afford to get rid of are the people giving our children an education. Give them a little job security and proper teaching materials and let them do their job. It’s a tough gig and I applaud anyone who works in a classroom.

As for Matt Damon, kudos to you, sir, for standing up for what you believe in.


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