My Birthday Weekend


Saturday was my birthday and it ended up being a super-busy day. First, we had the annual family get-together at my parent’s house. A good portion of my relatives on my mom’s side of the family were there and as soon as I walked into my parent’s barn (where the party was being held), everyone shouted ‘happy birthday!’ It’s kind of funny because I was sort of hoping no one would mention it being my birthday–I don’t like attention on me and whatnot.

So Greg, Zoey and I ate lunch–the get-together was a dish-to-pass affair and I had spent the morning making two dozen devilled eggs. Zoey couldn’t get enough of my aunt’s macaroni salad. She ate all that was on her plate and then started in on the pile I had on my own plate.

After everyone finished eating, the first of two surprises showed up.

Let me explain: my parents have been doing this get-together for the past two years (this year makes three) and they’ve always arranged to have a surprise for everyone. The first year, it was a magician. The second year it was a pony (A PONY!). This year, there were two surprises, the first being this guy:

Yep, my parents hired an Elvis impersonator to serenade all of us. My aunts LOVED it and even insisted on getting their picture taken with Elvis afterwards.

Zoey didn’t seem to impressed with The King. She was all kinds of annoyed that I wouldn’t let her crawl around in the barn all willy-nilly. So, while Elvis performed, Greg and I took Zoey outside the barn to crawl around in the grass of my parent’s lawn.

She was all about just exploring on her own until she spotted her older cousins playing on the old tire swing.

                       That’s my beautiful niece, Skylar, holding Zoey

While Zoey was busy riding the tire swing with Skylar, Greg took this shot:


The second surprise came a little while later–right after Elvis left–the pony returned for the second year in a row. Zoey ended up being the first kid to ride the pony because we had to leave to get on with the second part of my busy birthday. She was very quiet the entire time she was on the pony, even though Daddy walked right next to her the entire time (and Mommy was running around taking a TON of pictures). I would pay big money to know what she was thinking.

Before we left, these pictures were taken:

(My sister Cristy, Zoey, me, my sister Colleen and my sister Cheryl)

 Me and my baby girl

After that, we went to Seedstock, an annual music fest in Cortland. At first, Greg and I weren’t really sure what to expect because we’d never gone before and the parking area was filled with cars that featured Phish and Grateful Dead bumper stickers. But, seriously, the music was AWESOME. The first band that we saw was Spilt Milk and they were really, really good. I’d totally buy their CD and go to more of their shows. You should check out their Facebook page here.

Zoey met a puppy that she fell in love with–and apparently the puppy fell in love with her because every time they saw each other, Zoey started to crawl towards the puppy and the puppy strained on his lead to reach Zoey.

And then Zoey made a little friend–the cutest little girl with strands of strawberry blond hair falling in her eyes. She and her sisters were just taken with Zoey and Zoey was all excited to be hanging out with some other little girls. At one point, all of the girls sat in a line and started putting grass in each other’s hair, with the little strawberry blond-haired girl putting grass in Zoey’s hair. It was just so adorable and girly, even though Zoey looked at Greg like, ‘Um, Daddy, is this normal?’

 Zoey loved the fact that she was able to crawl all over the grass in front of our blanket.There was so much space for her to wander and explore–while still being just a few feet away from us. She loved it. And she never tried to wander too far.


We capped off the day by heading home just in time for Greg to make baked chicken, mashed potatoes and sautéed veggies for supper. He’s a wonderful cook and he loves making dinner for Zoey and I. Isn’t he wonderful? I just adore him.

It was an AWESOME birthday and by the time we got to bed that night, all three of us were completely exhausted because we’d had a great day.

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