The Craziest Weekend EVER (Part One)


We were going, going, going this past weekend, so this might be kind of a long post. Hang in there with me. I promise there’s really cute pictures of Zoey.

So, it was a three-day weekend, which meant that Greg and I kind of ended up packing a lot into the three days in an effort to have a little more family fun before the weather turns all cold and yucky.

Friday night, we headed to Greg’s dad and stepmom’s house on Little York Lake for a clambake. We sat on their dock and chatted with them and a few of their friends. Zoey was in rare form, acting all shy when we first got there–until she realized that she could actually climb up on one of their lounge chairs all by herself. Then there was no end to the fun for her. Climbing. Standing up. Giving Mommy a heart attack.

We had clams, shrimp and grilled corn on the cob for supper and little Miss Zoey couldn’t get enough of all of it. She ate WAY more clams and shrimp than I did (Greg and I cut them into tiny pieces and she just gobbled them up like it was nothing). And we can’t get her to do much more than try a couple kernels of corn at home, but she was all about the grilled corn that Greg cut off the cob for her. I’m telling you, this kid is crazy.

Then she spotted some ducks out on the water and didn’t seem to understand why I wouldn’t just let her crawl off the end of the dock and into the water so she could go see them. I swear, my grip on her was like a vice, even though she was doing her best to wiggle all over the place. Karen, Greg’s stepmom (who is currently referred to as ‘Grammy’), sat on the edge of the dock with Zoey and Greg and helped Zoey throw chocolate Cheerios to said ducks, who glided over to congregate just a few feet away from the dock–much to Zoey’s delight. Zoey even threw a couple, which ended up landing in the water only about two inches from where she sat with Grammy, but that was okay. It was still enough to melt my heart.

We ended up leaving when the mosquitos started biting and Zoey got really tired, but all three of us had a wonderful time with wonderful people.

Saturday, was NEW YORK STATE FAIR DAY!!! Greg and I were so excited about taking Zoey to the fair because we both had grown up going almost every summer and we wanted to show her EVERYTHING that we had loved about the fair. For a couple days prior to going, he and I had talked about all the things we wanted to show her–the petting zoo, the kiddie rides, the food. We were WAY more excited about it than we probably should have been given the fact that she’s only a year old and although she’s starting to love animals, she’d probably be just as happy going to her Aunt Kim’s barn to see the cows (Aunt Kim–we should do this soon since she’s showing more interest in animals).

This is Zoey when we first got to the fair:

She was ready to go, Greg and I were excited, everything was awesome. Sure, there was a chance of rain, but it was overcast and not too bad heat-wise.

And then the sun came out. It got SO incredibly hot. Plus, we were walking around on pavement without much shade pretty much the entire time we were there. Poor Zoey’s face got so red and I kept shoving her sippee cup with ice cold juice in it at her. Thankfully, we had lathered her up in Coppertone right after we got to the fair.

After we had lunch, we started walking around and we came upon this:

Sort of a mix between Cirque Du Soleil and Labrynth. In case you can’t tell, that’s a guy on stilts, who looks like he’s riding some sort of bird-like creature. Naturally, being one of the many people on earth who doesn’t care for people in costume (especially when the insist on coming over and interacting with you), I was all about hiding on the other side of Greg and hoping they’d just pass us by. I had just mentioned to Greg that that right there was what nightmares are made of when this happened:

Be still my heart. No, we don’t know the guy in the blue shirt. Hey Nosey, keep it moving. Haven’t you ever seen a bird-like thing looking in a stroller and probably scaring the poop out of a baby? Gah.

The stilts guy came right up to Zoey’s stroller and let her check out the bird thing he was, uh, riding on. I thought it was a great picture opportunity and started clicking away, while simultaneously hoping Zoey wouldn’t start screaming in fear.

Clearly she is a much braver person than her mother:

 Just checkin’ it out

Zoey was all, ‘Meh, no big deal’, which was great because it reminded me just how brave and how much of a dare-devil she already is.

Shortly after seeing the bird thing, we stopped by one of the wine tents for Greg and I to try a sangria slushy as we walked (and oh my goodness, if you haven’t tried one, you should. Seriously, they are awesome).

After we got our slushies and I gave Zoey her sippee cup for the millionth time, we headed into one of the livestock buildings. The heat was already oppressive and Zoey, who had refused to take a nap in the car on the way to the fair, was cranky. We ended up stationed in front of a pen of pigs that had a fan blowing behind it. I stood in front of the pen and let my baby cool down via the fan until she fell asleep. We put her back in her stroller and she ended up sleeping for the next hour and a half to two hours.

Girlfriend was SO hot. Look how red her face was.

While Zoey slept, Greg and I walked around and enjoyed our sangria slushies. Greg found some animals he just HAD to become friends with:

Note the sign to the left of the picture that says NOT to put your hands in the cage because the animals might bite. These signs do not apply to Greg (apparently) because he’s pretty much a real Dr. Doolittle.

We also found this little gem from the guys at 95x (AWESOME radio station in Syracuse, by the way):


They put this sign up every year and then they stand in their booth and count the people with mullets that walk by. I always think it’s hysterically funny. By the time we were getting ready to leave in the afternoon, the total for the day had jumped to 15.

We started walking down by where all of the rides were located, but the loud music was making Zoey twitch in her sleep and I didn’t want her to wake up before having a good nap. So, we headed back towards the buildings and came upon the petting zoo. Greg went to make some friends and take some pictures while Zoey and I sat in the shade (strollers weren’t allowed in the petting zoo).

After the petting zoo, we wandered around one of the buildings and came upon a booth with doggy treats. We bought a sample bag for Brutus and Scout to share and then headed back out into the hot afternoon sun. This is the view as we were coming out of that building:

Way, way, way too many people

At this point, we were debating about whether or not we should just leave since we had seen almost everything. And then Zoey woke up in an awesome mood and we ended up walking back through most of the fair so we could show her everything she had missed while sleeping.

First up, she and Daddy played the fish game:


we had paid for her to pick out three fishies, but the carny let her pick out five all together. She ended up winning a small stuffed puppy that rode around with her in her stroller for the rest of the afternoon.

Then we went to the petting zoo again so Zoey and Daddy could feed the animals:


Zoey seemed to really like all of the animals, but she was very taken with the zebra. She held onto the top of the fence and leaned toward the zebra to pet him:

Her idea of petting right now is patting the animal on the head. We’re trying to teach her ‘gentle’.

Right before we left the petting zoo, we ran into this guy:

Zoey does not look impressed.

After we left the petting zoo, I started to feel sick to my stomach. I knew something just wasn’t right because I was sweating like crazy and I kept getting these little tingly sensations at the back of my head–kind of like chills. And I was a little on the dizzy side. We found some picnic tables in some shade and Greg bought Zoey and I Dip N Dots ice cream to cool down. It was Zoey’s first experience with Dip N Dots (which if you’ve never had it, they’re little balls of ice cream). After every bite, Zoey would scrunch up her nose and eyes at the cold feeling in her mouth, but then she’d reach for the cup they came in for more.

I started feeling well enough to make the long trek back to the car. Because we had had to park so far away when we had arrived that morning, the three of us (with a big stroller) had rode the shuttle from the parking lot to the front gate of the fair when. But Greg and I (when we first got there and weren’t completely tired out yet) had decided that we wanted to walk across the bridge that spans 4 lanes of traffic and up the side of the parking lot (instead of taking the bus) because we thought Zoey might like the view. We started across the bridge and I began feeling sick again. My heart was racing in my chest, dizziness, nausea, those weird tingly things in the back of my head. It wasn’t just that we were trekking back to the car and I am WAY out of shape. I felt awful and I was afraid I was either going to throw up or pass out. We had to stop twice so I could focus on breathing.

When we got across the bridge, we found ourselves directly in front of shuttle station 1. We had to walk to shuttle station 6, which seemed miles away. And I knew without a doubt that I wouldn’t make it. I felt THAT sick. So, Greg suggested I take the bus (which stopped at every station) and he would walk with Zoey. There was a bus already at the first station, so I figured  I’d get to the car and have the air conditioner blasting by the time Greg and Zoey got there.

But the bus was full. And the next bus didn’t even stop because they were so full.

The third bus stopped and I got on, but had to stand in the front because of so many people. I counted each station we stopped at and mentally told myself not to throw up on the bus. Apparently, I looked really bad because the bus driver kept mentioning to me how hot it ‘must be getting outside’. Greg later told me that my face was really, really red.

When the bus finally arrived at station six, I got off and started towards the Mommy-Mobile. I could see Greg and Zoey waiting for me there, but I had to go so slow because I really felt like I might pass out at any minute. I finally reached the car, Greg asked me if I was okay, I mumbled something and climbed into the front passenger seat, turned on the air conditioner and put the seat back as far as it would go. He was so awesome about buckling Zoey into her seat and throwing the stroller and our bags in the trunk. I felt bad I didn’t help him, but dude, I would have tossed my cookies if I had stayed outside any longer.

For the rest of the night, I felt queasy. Greg fed Zoey and helped me put her to bed. Then I just laid on the couch and drank what seemed like gallons of iced tea–I was SO thirsty even though the last thing I had eaten at the fair was ice cream and I had drank at least two bottles of water while we were at the fair. Greg said I was probably dehydrated.

On the plus side, Miss Zoey seemed to have a wonderful time at that fair–and she slept through the night with no problem because she was so tuckered out.

For more pictures from our fair trip, click here.

Part two of our weekend coming soon….

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