Hangin’ Out with Nana


 Yesterday, Greg, Zoey and I spent the afternoon at Carol’s house. It was a beautiful afternoon–not too hot and not too cool, so we decided to take Zoey for a little walk down Carol’s incredibly quiet road (God, I love where they live). Nana pushed the rockin’ stroller (I LOVE this stroller):

Okay, for the record, that is Greg’s drink in my hand. I held it for him while he took the picture. I left mine back at the house.

Zoey was all about chillin’ in her stroller and just looking around at all of the trees and leaves:

Don’t you just love her striped socks?

We just walked to the end of Carol’s road and back. When we got back to Carol’s house, Greg took Zoey for an extra-special stroller ride (read: very fast like a racecar, which she loves):


So cute. Both of them.

After Zoey’s ride, we hung around outside for a while to chat. Chuck, Carol’s husband, came home from work and Zoey just stared at him while he talked to Greg:

OMG with the cuteness.

After a while, we all headed inside and Zoey played for a while before we went to dinner at Garcias in Cortland. Margaritas all around!! Zoey wasn’t too interested in eating her supper since she was super-tired, but she was all about checking out the other little kids in the restaurant–in particular, the little girl sitting with her family at the table next to ours. It turns out that she was born less than a month before Zoey was. Zoey kept reaching for her and saying, “Ahhh,” like she wanted us to bring the little girl to her so they could chat. She loves little kids.

The little girl, who was just absolutely adorable, by the way, just smiled and leaned back against her daddy’s chest. When our table went back to talking about something else, the little girl called out, “Hi!”, like she had finally worked up the courage to say it. SO CUTE. When we left, Greg let Zoey say goodbye to the little girl.

Then it was back to Nana and Poppy’s house for some chocolate ice cream for Zoey. She sat on the floor in their living room and enjoyed a bowl with Poppy before almost falling asleep while sitting on my lap.

It was such a wonderful afternoon; Greg, Zoey and I love spending time with Carol and Chuck.

Here’s my favorite picture from yesterday:


She totally knows she’s cute

For more pictures from our afternoon at Nana’s house, click here.

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