Apple Pickin’ At Beak and Skiff


The last time I was at Beak and Skiff was years and years ago–their operation was a lot smaller then. So image my surprise when we pulled into the parking lot and saw a sheriff directing traffic, lots of buildings and (gasp) more than one bounce house for the kids. It was crazy. The place was packed with people. And the whole thing was surrounded with trees lush with beautiful apples.

Seriously, I’m not kidding about the people. We were originally planning on riding the wagon out into the orchard to pick our own apples (part of the experience; I totally recommend it), but the line was super, super long and Zoey hadn’t had a nap that morning (because I swear she refuses to take a nap whenever she knows we’re going somewhere so that she can be cranky when we get there). So it wasn’t really a good idea to stand in line for at least a half an hour and then expect Zoey to show any interest in picking apples.

Instead, Carol and I decided to take lots of pictures of Zoey sitting on a bale of hay:


We visited the apple sample shed and got to try a couple different kids of apples. Zoey, who has never seemed to show much interest in raw apple, seemed to love the piece I gave her:

She’s sucking on a piece of apple.

Then Carol and I spotted the toy tent and we had to check it out. Zoey didn’t seem to really care, but Carol and I decided she needed a cute Princess headband. Nana tried one on too:

Poppy gave Zoey a ride after we visited the toddler play area (which had toys for little kids to ride on since they were too small to go in the bounce houses (nice touch, B & S):

After we checked out the gift shop and had some hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch, it was time to visit the ponies. Poor Zoey was so sleepy by this point that she almost fell asleep on my shoulder while we waited in line for her turn to ride. But, she woke up long enough to ride on this adorable pony named Fanny.

After her pony ride, Zoey had had enough and she fell asleep on my shoulder while I walked back to the car. She was snoring before we hit the parking lot. I sat in the air-conditioned car with her while Carol, Chuck and Greg bought apples. I definitely recommend Beak and Skiff for a family outing if you and your kids are in the neighborhood. It’s very family-friendly, although you should make sure to bring a little bit of extra money for pony rides, treats or souvenirs (as well as apples).

For more pictures from our Beak and Skiff trip, click here.

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