Halloween 2011 (In Pictures)


Last year, on Zoey’s first Halloween, things kind of went negatively pretty fast. Greg and I were all kinds of excited because we had the cutest little jack o’ lantern costume for Zoey and we had been invited to Greg’s sister’s house for a family party and all was right with the world. So, we wrestled Zoey into her custom, walked into Greg’s sister’s house and Zoey started screaming. And refused to stop. Turns out she had chosen her very first Halloween to start teething like whoa.

She started overheating really fast, so we ended up stripping her down to her diaper, which meant we never got photos of her in her little costume.

Fast forward to this year. I was determined to get pictures of Zoey in her outfit. Greg and I decided that she would be a ballerina because I wanted desperately to see her in a tutu (because nothing is more adorable than a little baby girl in a tutu). I did some research online and got it in my head that, hey, I could MAKE one. It’s not that hard, right? Heh. It really isn’t hard to make a tutu, although it is time-consuming. But I have to say I’m proud of how it turned out.


On Halloween, I got out of work a little early, rushed home to pick up Zoey’s costume and then Greg and I went to my mom’s house to get Zoey into her costume.

This was the result:

OMG the cuteness!

My mom and Dad had bought little packs of bite-size Oreos to give the kids my mom babysits (instead of candy) and Zoey was more than excited to sit right down on the floor of their kitchen and open her pack:


Because most of her costume was white, I hurriedly hid the cookies while Greg bundled Zoey into her coat so we could head to Nana’s house.

Zoey headed straight for the refrigerator when we got there:

She kept saying, “I do. I do.”

Naturally, Zoey wanted some oranges and Nana was only too happy to oblige:

She’s sitting on Nana’s lap

I was convinced Zoey wouldn’t want to wear her tutu more than a few minutes, but she ended up with it on for a couple of hours. I mean, seriously, I don’t think you can get any cuter than Zoey in a tutu. And, of course, I got LOTS of pictures of her, which totally made up for missing pictures last year.

For more pictures from our Halloween, click here.

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