madii & dyl Sookie Babe Newborn Nod Booster Review


sooki babe pillow

Some of the best baby/children products are created by parents acknowledging a need and not being able to find anything to fill it. Take, for example, the madii & dyl line of infant/children pillows. They were created by Jacki Than, mother of two, after not being able to find the ideal pillow for her child. Cotton pillows attracted mites and germs, buckwheat was too uncomfortable and feathers lost their shape too easily. So she created this line of luxe pillows designed specifically for little ones.

sooki babe pillow

I recently had a chance to check out the Sookie Babe Newborn Nod Booster (for infants 3 months and older) and I have to say, I’m impressed. Before anyone flips out, this is specifically a NAPPING pillow; fear not, this pillow is designed with the safety (and comfort) of your infant in mind.

When my Zoey was an infant, Greg and I were constantly worried about whether or not she was comfortable while she napped. No pillow, no support under her head—how could she sleep well? Our doctor and every parenting book we own said not to use any type of pillow for napping—for safety reasons. They had, apparently, not heard about this fantastic pillow that features a dip towards the bottom that is designed to cradle your baby’s head, preventing roll-overs and flat-heads. The pillow also encourages proper neck and spine alignment for healthy growth. To keep your baby safe. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Sooki Babe Pillow

And who doesn’t want their baby to be comfortable? If your child is anything like mine, she sweats like crazy as she sleeps—particularly around her head. This pillow features self-ventilating cores that encourage airflow, so your baby keeps cool during naptime.

Did I mention the pillow features a chemical-free design that is hypoallergenic, so your baby’s budding immune system is protected? Well, there you go.

And how about the fact that the pillow is completely washable and won’t lose its shape? Long-lasting use means more bang for your buck.

It seems that this company has thought of everything a parent would look for in the ideal napping pillow for their infant. Safety, comfort, health and an easy- to-clean design. Could it get any better? Oh wait, it can. The pillow comes in a thick plastic bag with a zipper that keeps out stray dog hairs (like at my house) and handles that make it easy to transport to Grandma’s house without getting dirty.


I, in no way, received compensation for this review.

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