A Zoey Update


With all of the chaos that has been going on here lately—our computer problems, the 7 Days series continuing for the month of November—I have fallen WAY behind on my Zoey anecdote posts. So, to get everyone caught up, I thought I’d do what one of my fellow mommy bloggers refers to as a ‘brain dump’. Here goes.

-It feels like Greg and I have really been earning our parenting strips lately because Zoey, in her state of toddler insanity, has been testing us nonstop on EVERYTHING. She totally does stuff she knows she’s not supposed to simply to see what kind of reaction she gets from us. And if she doesn’t get her way, she sometimes goes into full-blown tantrum mode, which includes throwing stuff on the floor, attempting to pinch or bite, throwing herself backwards and trying with all her might to push out a serious cry or scream. Lots of times we’ll let her lay on the floor until she calms down enough to get up and walk to one of us for cuddles. And then as we hold her, we try to explain to her that tantrums aren’t nice and they aren’t the way to get Mommy and Daddy’s attention. We’re also mounting a huge NO BITING ONLY KISSES campaign that consists of us reminding Zoey every time she tries to bite one of us that only kisses are okay. So far, it seems to have worked, as when I say, “No biting, only kisses,” she stops, smiles sheepishly and gives me a kiss instead.

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression; she’s not rabid or anything. It’s just that Zoey seems to have started going through her ‘Terrible Twos’ at around fifteen months. She’s testing her boundaries and seeing just how stubborn she can be.

-On the positive side, she’s talking more now. She answers yes or yeah to questions and says, “I do,” before helping Mommy or Daddy shut a door, get something out of the fridge, brush her hair, etc. Other spoken words so far include Ma Ma, Da Da, Nana and Oompa (she started this when she was pointing to a picture of her Grandpa Emmett on our fridge). She also seems to be starting to say, “DeDe” for Dora the Explorer. And ‘I yuh’, for I love you.

-Currently, Zoey’s favorite songs are ‘Poker Face,’ by Lady Gaga, the theme song from I Dream of Genie and Old MacDonald (she’s especially fond of the cow sound and she will sing “EIEI”).

-She likes to climb the stairs in our house (with Mommy or Daddy following her, of course) and she (gasp!) has learned how to climb up the baby gate. UP THE BABY GATE, you guys. The first time I saw her do it, I was shocked. She’s just too smart for her own good.

-She has decided to like vegetables, which is great considering she went a while of refusing all veggies after being weaned off baby food. She can’t get enough of peas—or corn. And she thinks potato chips, Oreo cookies and Nilla wafers are the bomb. But if you give her an egg and expect her to do anything with it, you’d be dead wrong. And if you serve her olives, she’ll cut you.

-She’s very mobile now—she will run away from me when I tell her we need to change her diaper and the other day, she spent a good five minutes crawling as fast as she could in a circle around our kitchen table. Over and over again.

-She continues to love peek-a-boo and reading board books (especially her Dora board books and OMG if I have to read the one about head, shoulders, knees and toes one more time I WILL go crazy) and she’s gotten really into twirling around until she gets dizzy.

-The girly side of her likes bangle bracelets and she loves being told she’s pretty when I brush her hair. She also likes crinkling up her nose and smiling when someone is taking a picture of her. The tomboy side of her likes playing catch with Scout (which consists of her holding a tennis ball and Scout taking it out of her hand) and running around the house with only one sock on (this happens almost every day).

-She has also started a new trend when she’s wearing a dress or skirt with no tights on underneath—when her diaper is wet, she simply rips it off and drops it on the floor and then runs across the room when I try to grab her to change her diaper. If she has pants on, she has started pinching the front of her diaper and babbling to me as if telling me that she’s wet. She has about a 95% correct rate on that one. I feel like she’s taking giant steps towards being ready for potty training.

-She loves when we give her choices and when we let her help us with tasks. Little things mean the world to her—like when I let her carry the bag of frozen peas from the freezer to the counter in the kitchen—a whole three steps away. She just looked so pleased and said, “I do,” which made my heart melt. She also INSISTS on helping Daddy fill or empty the dishwasher (Greg always has to check for silverware under the bottom rack before he closes the door because that’s where Zoey tends to put it).

-She’s still afraid of the vacuum cleaner, although she has gotten over her fear of the space heater. She hates the doctors office, but doesn’t mind taking medicine as long as it comes in the form of Daddy making airplane sounds while flying the dropper around the room.

-She loves being tickled and will lift her shirt when you ask her where her bubby is. She also knows where her tootsies are and constantly tries to put per socks and shoes on by herself  (sort of by shoving them towards her foot).

-She dances to music and sometimes, we catch her singing to herself. She also reads her books to herself in baby babble, wish is ADORABLE.

She’s just simply the most amazing child in the entire world and we just love her so much. Sometimes parenthood might be frustrating because of that whole pushing-our-buttons-on-purpose thing, but at the same time, Greg and I never forget how blessed we are to have her.

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