Noodle & Boo Essential Care Kit Review


Essential Care Kit for Sensitive Skin Baby and Newborn by Noodle & Boo

As a parent to quite possibly the most adorable little girl on the planet, I want what’s best for my child—and that, of course, includes what I use at bath time. Typically, I look for baby bath products that 1. have a tear-free design and 2. doesn’t contain a lot of extra crap that might be harmful to my child. Enter Noodle & Boo’s Essential Care kit, which consists of a bottle of Soothing Body Wash, a bottle of Extra Gentle Shampoo and a bottle of Super Soft Lotion.

Here’s a little background information: Noodle & Boo’s line of personal care products are focused on meeting the needs of newborns, children and pregnant women. Their goal is to create safe, gentle and effective products that nourish, replenish and protect delicate skin and hair. Each formula is hypoallergenic and clinically-tested, as well as pediatrician-tested, to ensure your baby gets the best product possible. In fact, their skin care products are pH-balanced for babies and are developed for children with skin sensitivities, including eczema and psoriasis. In short, Noodle & Boo do everything they can to ensure their product is ideal for your baby.

 Now let’s get back to the Essential Care kit. Designed for traveling convenience, the bottles are each 2 oz. in size, which makes them easy to stow in a diaper bag or suitcase pocket. The shampoo, in particular, has a tearless design, which, of course, is perfect for newborns and babies. And the three bottles each give off the scent of baby powder, which I can’t get enough of.

I put these products to the test with my daughter, Zoey. The body wash and shampoo I used when I gave her a bath and she didn’t seem to mind the change from her usual combination shampoo/body wash. Then she actually laid still (which is nothing short of a miracle) on our bed while I put the lotion on her after her bath. The lotion doesn’t leave that slimy feeling on your skin like other brands do and I’m pretty sure the shampoo made her hair shine more than it usually does.

Am I sold on the product? Absolutely. The time, consideration and care that Noodle & Boo has put into their formulas are clear in the final quality products they produce. And their line of products goes so much further than the three I tried. They also have room spray, bubble bath and more. Try it. I bet you’ll like it.

And if you need a little more nudging to get onto the Noodle & Boo train, check this out: Noodle & Boo is so dedicated to children, they are willing to set aside a significant portion of their profits to benefit children’s charities, including monthly donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Save the Children, Keep a Child Alive and Compassion. Can’t get better than that.

I, in no way, received any type of compensation for this review.

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