Thumbuddy To Love Binky Fairy and Book Review


My daughter, Zoey, has never showed a whole lot of interest in sucking her thumb. However, you mess with her binky and you’ll have one unhappy baby on your hands. She has to have her binky when she’s tired and most recently, when she’s teething. It’s the equivalent of a security blanket for her and I know when it’s time to give up her binky, we’ll have a fight on our hands.

But maybe not.

Thumbuddy To Love books and puppets are specifically designed to help children stop thumb and/or pacifier sucking in a positive way. In particular, the binky fairy book tells the story of how Beatrice, the binky fairy, started collecting binkies from children who were getting too old for them and delivering them to little babies in need. The idea is to read the story to your child often in an effort to get them ready for a visit from the binky fairy. Then, when your child is ready, have them place her binky under her pillow and replace it with the included binky fairy finger puppet while your child sleeps.

I like it. The book is short enough to read often if your child–like my Zoey–gets a favorite book and you have to read it a million times every day. And the story is told in rhyming verse, which, of course, adds to the whimsical tone. At the back of the book, you’ll find a chart and stickers so you and your child can keep track of your child’s progress in the first few days without the binky.

The little finger puppet of the binky fairy is adorable and small enough for little ones to easily carry around the house or play with in their car seat.

Still not convinced? Thumbuddy To Love products have received a Mom’s Choice Award–from a panel comprised of doctors, dentists and parents.

But let’s leave it to the REAL expert: Zoey. As soon as I took the binky fairy puppet out of its case, my daughter was completely entranced. She giggled and carried the little doll around the house for quite a while. She and I looked at the book together later that night and she seemed interested in the story.

Maybe Zoey isn’t really at the point of being ready to give up her binky, but I know that when she is, I’ll be using this product to make the transition as smooth as possible.


I, in no way, received any type of compensation for this review.
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