Christmas Cookie-Making Party 2011


The tradition continues! For the fourth year in a row, the girls in my family, along with the girls in my brother-in-law’s family met at my sister Colleen’s house to spend the afternoon making a TON of Christmas cookies to share. This yearly event is usually filled with lots of laughter, a little confusion over recipes, bunches of ingredients being passed around and, of course, cookies EVERYWHERE.

Here’s a look at our work table pretty early into the process:

Notices the toys, binky and sippee cup on the table. Yep, they’re Zoey’s.

While we made cookies, the kids played:

When my baking project was done, I cuddled with my baby for a while. She still wasn’t feeling the best, which explains why she looks kind of surly:

And here’s what I made. Be nice; it was my first time:

Want to learn how to make these little guys? Well, here you go:

Reindeer Chocolate Bars

What you’ll need:

Bite-size Almond Joy bars

Mini marshmallows

Small pretzels

Black decorating frosting in a tube

Mini baking M&Ms


Unwrap each Almond Joy bar and place on a plate. Break each pretzel to form antlers (I found you DO make a lot of errors because pretzels break so easily. Try breaking them at the middle of the bottom) and push into the sides of each chocolate bar (be careful because the chocolate can break quite easily). Cut each mini marshmallow in half and use a dot of black decorating frosting to attach to the top of the Almond Joy bar. Place one dot of black decorating frosting on the top of each marshmallow for eyes. Place a dot of black decorating frosting on the back of each M&M (I covered the ‘M’ with the dot) and attach to the top of the nut in the chocolate.

A super-huge thank you to my sister, Colleen, for hosting the Christmas cookie-making party–and for the adorable dishes to she bought for everyone to take their cookies home in. Also, a huge thanks to all my fellow bakers (although I didn’t really bake my chocolates) for all of the awesome cookies I was able to bring home for Greg, Zoey and I.

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