Getting In the Spirit


Let’s take stock of all things Christmas for the Preble Road Crew:

Everything we have bought for Zoey so far is wrapped and under the tree (I did this last night while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and drinking white russians with Greg). I want to buy her a new doll to go with her rockin’ new stroller (that is currently rolling around in the trunk of the Mommy Mobile and will stay there until Christmas Eve. Our plan is to have it set up with the baby in it next to the tree when she comes downstairs Christmas morning) and she needs a new stocking because the only one we have for her is a 1st Christmas one from last year. But we’re set on stocking stuffers.

Is she getting completely spoiled this year? Why yes, yes she is. Do we have the money to do this? Not so much. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. I don’t care. This is sort of Zoey’s first REAL Christmas because she’s going to be able to enjoy it so much more this year than last. She might not be able to understand all things Santa, but that will come next year. This year, she’s enjoyed the tree and the blinking lights. She likes the ornaments and it’s important to Greg and I that she have presents to open and enjoy.

I told my mom last night that I guess I’ve reached a new level of maturity for me–I really don’t care if I get any presents at all this year. My joy is already coming from buying for Zoey and it will only increase when I watch her open said presents. This year, it’s all about her. And that makes it a good Christmas for me too.

This is the first year, too, that she’ll be getting real kid toys, as opposed to the baby toys that she got last year (she was only six months old). She’s going to love it.

On a different note, because money is tight this year, we’re looking into getting creative with our gift-giving. That means homemade gifts, for the most part, which is exciting for me because I want to be more crafty anyway. Hopefully, they’ll all turn out okay. I can’t tell you yet what I’m planning on making for everyone because I’m still hoping someone other than my mom reads this blog and I don’t want to give away anything. But after all family members receive their gifts, I’ll definitely post pictures and all that.

We actually have our first Christmas celebration today with Greg’s dad and stepmom. And then next Saturday night, we have a couple of parties to go to. Then on Christmas day, we’re planning on traveling to Greg’s sister’s house for a while before heading over to my mom and dad’s house for dinner and my family’s Christmas party.

Now all that is left is getting the Christmas cards that we ordered at the beginning of this month in the mail, fill them out and distribute. That’s the next big project. Ugh.

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