Happy Birthday, Greg!


Today is my Greg’s birthday and even though I have to work all day and Zoey is at my mom’s house, I hope he’ll have an awesome day. I mean, he deserves it. He’s had a pretty rough couple of years and he’s had to put up with my shenanigans, so really, the guy deserves to have a good day. And maybe a beer or two.

Just in case you’ve never met him, here’s some things you should know about Greg:

–He’s the person I tell everything to–whether it be secrets, gossip, rants, whatever

–He listens to me prattle on about The Real Housewives and he supports me when it comes to my writing

–I can’t even tell you the number of times he’s talked me off of ledges

–He makes the best darn white russians a girl could ask for

–He’s an amazing cook

–He gives really good hugs

–He can sing much better than your average American Idol winner

–He takes awesome photos

–He loves animals and would adopt every one he sees if we had the space in our house

–He loves cheesecake and vanilla coke (not necessarily together because, um, gross)

–He is very disappointed in Jeff Gordon

–He knows almost every Jimmy Buffett song by heart

–He gives our baby girl airplane rides and dances with her to music on the stereo

–He loves Heineken

–He loves the ocean

–He knows Zoey has him wrapped around her little finger and he’s fine with it

He’s amazing and wonderful and loving and the best darn daddy to Zoey and partner-in-crime/soulmate to me. He’s my rock and I love him so much. Have a wonderful birthday, Greg, and let’s look forward to this next year with excitement. The best is yet to come.


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