Relax Fail


I’ll admit it, like most girls, my mind is usually going in five bazillion directions at once and at certain times–like when I’m running late for something–I tend to end up running around our house like a mad woman. And Greg, like most guys with the ability to focus on only one thing at a time, stands in the middle of my tornado and just watches me while shaking his head.

The other day, Greg could tell I was in one of my crazy states and he said, “Just take a deep breath. Focus. Say ‘I am here. I am here.'”

Okay. Sure. I’ll try it.

I took a deep breath; let it out. “I am here. I am here,” I said quietly and surprisingly, I felt some of the stress in my mind melt away.

Then I turned to find Zoey banging her toy stroller into our kitchen cupboards over and over again. For no apparent reason other than it made noise.

I looked at Greg and gave him a dirty look.

“I am here. I am here,” I said and went back to rushing around the house.


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