A Typical Morning for the Crew (Sort Of)


Yesterday morning started for me around six or so because I woke up with my mind so full of thoughts that I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep any longer. The main thing plaguing my thoughts was, of course, earth shattering–should I or shouldn’t I get my hair cut? I know, I’m a very deep person.

So I got up and went downstairs to watch some TV and play on Pinterest for a while before Zoey woke up. Greg was still fast asleep with Scout on our bed. Brutus was asleep on the floor–I know this because I tripped over him like I do almost every morning.

I made a pot of coffee and started a load of laundry before even cracking open the laptop. Then I went online and wasted a bit of time looking for a hair cut that might look good on a, um, ROUND face like mine. I had just narrowed my choices down to two when I heard Zoey start fussing on the monitor.

Upstairs I went to check on her. She was standing up in her crib, which meant there was no way she was going back to sleep. So, I picked her up, grabbed her sippy cup of juice from our room and took her back downstairs with me. We watched Dora The Explorer and Zoey at her usual morning Oreo (shut up; it’s not like we give her a whole chocolate cake every morning. You’re just jealous because no one gives you a cookie first thing in the morning. Haters).

She had a cookie and then decided she wanted cereal. About three bites worth. And then she wanted a banana.

Then she wanted to go back upstairs to play. But I had put the baby gate up at the bottom of the stairs to keep her from attempting to travel up the stairs by herself (which she would totally do if given the opportunity). I was trying to be nice and let Greg sleep in for once and I knew he wouldn’t be able to stay asleep for long with a little toddler playing with her toys in the same room–or standing about two inches from his face and staring at him like she usually does. So, Zoey was starting to pitch a fit at pretty much the same time that Greg hustled Brutus down the stairs because he was on the verge of getting sick.

I removed the gate and pretty much shoved Brutus out the back door before he could throw up on the floor and dude, we still don’t know what he ate that could have upset his stomach so bad–although we did find one of Zoey’s wooden alphabet blocks in pieces next to the couch in the living room. I didn’t want him horking up an unidentified SOMETHING in the house because he’s about the size of a bear and have you ever seen the amount of barf that can come out of a big dog like that?

I put the gate back in place right before Zoey realized it was missing and tried to take advantage of the situation.

I attempted to get a cup of coffee–my first since making the pot at least forty-five minutes before–and got as far as putting the mug on the counter before Greg came downstairs with Scout. And the routine of letting Scout out of the house and then back in and then out and then back in Every. Fifteen. Minutes. started.

In the meantime, Zoey decided it would be great fun to pull everything out of my purse and then take all of the tissues out of not one, but TWO, regular-size Kleenex boxes.

I finally got my cup of coffee, picked up the tissues and the stuff from my purse and then wandered into the living room to fold the laundry I had taken out of the dryer.

Zoey decided she wanted some pineapple pieces, so Greg put her in her booster seat and gave her a snack pack to devour. So, basically for breakfast yesterday, my kid had the following: two Oreos, a half of a banana, three bites of cereal and a snack pack of pineapple. Not bad. Mostly healthy, right?

Then Zoey decided to help me fold clothes, which consisted of her basically bunching things up in her hand and then throwing them on top of the pile of folded clothes.

Greg fed the dogs and then had to spend the next few minutes trying to keep Zoey away from Scout’s food because she has this weird fascination with dog food lately.

And all of this happened before ten in the morning.

The only difference between this morning and most mornings is that during the work week, I’m usually running around the house in a panic because I’m running late and I can’t find my car keys. And also, did I put deodorant on? Where are Zoey’s shoes? Dear God, where are MY shoes?

The Preble Road Crew A.K.A. Chaos Central.

And not to leave you guys hanging: I totally got my hair cut. Short. Seriously.


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