Weekend Roundup


This past weekend was a pretty busy weekend for The Preble Road Crew, but that’s okay because at the end of each day, I think Greg and I went to bed with a distinct sense of accomplishment. There is just nothing better than feeling like you got something (or lots of stuff) done on your couple of days off of work. And that’s the thing–we don’t have a whole lot of time to get regular stuff like grocery shopping done because our weeks tend to be super-full with me working and Greg job searching or watching Zoey. There never seems to be enough time. But someone this weekend we were able to juggle time a little better than usual.

On Saturday morning, Zoey and I folded laundry (she insisted on folding most items first, which meant balling them up and placing them carefully in a pile. Folding laundry Zoey-style) and then after breakfast, it was time for showers all around. We recently started using our shower downstairs pretty much exclusively because our shower upstairs was leaking a bit (hello old house!), so I rearranged our bathroom cupboard to hold clean towels, wash cloths and Miss Zoey’s bath stuff (she, of course, she still uses different shampoo and body wash than we do). Greg ended up going to the Syracuse game with his dad and stepmom, so Zoey and I went with my mom to get groceries at the Super Walmart in Cortland.

Side note: I have learned that one sure way to get Zoey to stay chill in a store is to keep a full sippy cup and a bag of fruit loops in my purse. She seems to love riding around in the front of a cart, munching on dried cereal while Mommy shops. And dude, it is SO much easier to push around a cart without having to carry a whiny child at the same time.

Another good thing I’ve learned, do not be above bribing. Last weekend when Zoey and I went grocery shopping–just the two of us–I told her that if she was a good girl while Mommy shopped, I would buy her a toy. We left the store that day with a doll that she had picked out herself. On this trip, I wasn’t planning on buying her a toy and I didn’t try to make a deal with her because I wanted her to understand that Grandma Hoose was with us (to help Mommy with a screaming child if need be) and that Zoey isn’t going to get a toy every time. Maybe it would just be a special thing when she goes alone with Mommy. But then as we were about the get in the check-out line, I noticed an adorable Winnie the Pooh bouncy ball for $3.99. Well, fine. Okay. She WAS a good girl while we shopped. And that would be when Mommy lost ALL resolve and bought her the ball. Whatever.

Anyway, after we dropped Mom back off at her house, Zoey and I headed home, unloaded the groceries, took care of the groceries, let the dogs out, fed the dogs supper, filled the dishwasher and then made boiled potatoes and salmon patties for dinner–all while keeping an eye on the Syracuse game on the TV. Then we took the three storage bins I had bought for $4.95 a piece at Walmart (score!) and packed away more clothes Zoey has outgrown, filled another with stuff for our upcoming garage sale this summer and with the last one, I let Zoey play with because she was loving putting a couple of toys in it and pushing it from the far side of the living room to the far side of the kitchen and back again.

When Greg got home, Zoey and I were cuddling upstairs in hope that she was on her way to falling asleep. Of course, as soon as she saw Daddy, she decided she needed to be tickled and to giggle for a while, which was fine because I could tell those two missed each other even though he had only been gone a few hours.

Zoey finally settled down and went to sleep, only to wake up nice and early at around 6:30 the next morning. I got up with her (because I am SO much more of morning person than Greg is. Well, it’s not even that; it’s more that there’s a better chance of me being coherent and willing to look for cartoons on the tv and Oreos in the cupboard at 6:30 in the morning. So, Zoey and I headed downstairs and ended up completely cleaning the little vestibule area inside our back door (and dude, THAT was  job. Greg came downstairs to find everything pulled out of our little closet and me knee-deep in cleaning supplies and just STUFF). Then it was time for Zoey’s nap. When she woke up, we ate lunch and then cleaned off the kitchen table we never use. Then showers.

Afterwards, We Skyped with Poppy, who is still in Florida. Greg ended up doing dishes and carrying the filled storage totes out to our barn to get them out of the house. Then we made Fresh Pet dog treats (the review will probably be on here tomorrow–complete with pictures of our dogs and a picture of me in an apron. I totally fell in love with wearing aprons yesterday afternoon and I told Greg I’m totally going to start wearing one with pockets when I’m working around the house. It was only when I told him that I wished I could wear an apron to work that he looked at me like I was crazy).

I made homemade macaroni and cheese for supper and then it was time for Zoey to go to bed. Pretty much after that, I crashed on the couch and ended up reading Erma Bombeck for a while before Greg and I headed to bed.


Like I said, it was a productive weekend. It’s almost like I’m finally going through the nesting stage I missed when I was pregnant with Zoey (I was so huge and swollen and had a hard time breathing when pregnant–and was supposed to be on bedrest. Whatever). Inspired by the latest issue of Team Parenthood (wait, you haven’t looked at it yet? Well, click here….Um…heh, blatant plug, I know), I am ready to get a super big jump on Spring cleaning. Zoey was so young last year that we didn’t have a chance to do a whole lot of Spring cleaning. Now that she’s willing to play more on her own and follow us from room to room–and even help us a bit–it will be a TON easier. So yeah. Look for many most posts about cleaning because that’s what I’m obsessing over right now.


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