And How Was YOUR Day?


The day started with me waking up completely surly because of a stupid fight that Greg and I had started the night before had seeped into today.  Then my mom called and said she wasn’t feeling the best today, which meant Zoey had to stay with Greg–no big deal, except that Zoey had made up her mind that she was going to Grandma’s house and was not entirely pleased when she found out she had suffered through us putting her shoes and coat on for nothing. It was only made worse when she realized that Mommy was not, in fact, staying home for the day too. I walked numbly to the car with her cries ringing in my ears.

And then I got to work and realized that there was a TON of stuff due today and it seemed like I could do nothing right. At home, Greg wasn’t feeling the best and Zoey was running him ragged. And I was stuck forty-five minutes away from being able to help in any way.

I posted something on Facebook about being hurt and sad, which was a remnant from that dumb fight with Greg (which was totally 50/50 blame, by the way–I’ll admit it was my fault too) and my family, bless them, sort of went into a bit of a panic. My mom texted me. My dad e-mailed me. My little sister, Cristy, e-mailed me. Even my friend, Heidi, who works on another floor in the same building texted me. Are you okay? Is everything okay? What’s going on?

I didn’t realize it, but apparently, I am usually just a little ray of sunshine and it surprises people when I’m down. I don’t mean to be glib. I was really touched by all the messages on Facebook that I got–and the e-mails and texts. I swear, everything is okay. I hate fighting with anyone, but with Greg it’s the worst because he’s not only my soulmate, he’s my best friend. It makes my heart hurt when we fight.

But, on the plus side, I was doing some reading yesterday about what ego really is and I learned enough to be able to say today, okay, what is the root of this problem. Ah yes, 50/50. Crap. It’s my fault too. And that’s what led to us actually talking out the whole thing on the phone in the late morning–and him taking his share and me taking my share of the blame.

So we had a fight. It just means we’re a normal couple.

But we’re okay.

Everything is good.

It was just one of those days.

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