Hello, Brain Dump


Inspired once again by one of my favorite mommy bloggers, The Reluctant Housewife, I am about to do another brain dump. Here we go:

1. Our laptop charger may or may not have a short in it, which means that our laptop may or may not be headed back to the shop–depending on what the problem is, the cost and all of that good stuff. If it’s something bigger than just the charger that’s the problem, then I might not be able to post on here for a few days. So, if I disappear, fear not. The Preble Road Crew will return when we get this whole charger mess cleared up.

2. Zoey invented a new game last night. While holding a little plastic ball, she yelled, “Ba…ba…ba….ball!” When she got to ‘ball’, she threw the ball in the air, which meant it only went about a foot in front of her or sometimes behind her or sometimes it hit her in the head (relax. Plastic). And then she’d run over to pick up the ball and start her game all over again. I love watching her use her imagination like that.

3. Tonight, it’s Girl’s Night for The Preble Road Crew. Greg is traveling with a couple of his friends to the Carrier Dome to watch a third friend coach lacrosse. Greg hasn’t seen the third friend in years and I’m so happy that he’s going. I told him to take pictures while he’s there so I can put them up here. Hopefully, he’ll remember to take the camera.

4. My mom sent a little container of her homemade macaroni salad to work with me today. She had it all ready in a lunch bag when I dropped Zoey off this morning. My momma is awesome like that.

5. This Sunday is SUPER IMPORTANT.  Sunday morning, Zoey and I will be participating in the Lupus walk at Carousel Mall to support my mom, who is currently in remission. This will be our fourth year walking (Zoey’s third year–her first year she was still in ma belleh). Because I’m such a slacker, I haven’t been trying to get as many donations as I should, so if you’d like to donate to this important cause, click here.

Sunday afternoon, Greg is taking part in the St. Baldrick’s Event at Kitty Hoynes Pub in Syracuse. He has volunteered to get his head shaved to raise money in support of finding a cure for common childhood cancers. This cause is near and dear to our hearts this year because he and his cousins are volunteering in memory of Greg’s mom, who we lost this past November in her own battle with cancer. I know she’d be SO proud of those boys for doing this. To support Greg by donating to their team, click here.


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