St. Baldricks Event 2012, Part One


This post is a continuation of the Lupus Walk 2012 post. If you haven’t read that one, you might want to just so you’ll be caught up on the first part of this awesome day. Click here to read the Lupus Walk 2012 post.

Okay, so Greg’s sister, Kim, and her daughter, Lisa, had graciously volunteered to watch Zoey for the afternoon while Greg and I went to the St. Baldrick’s Event and Kitty Hoynes Pub in Syracuse. As you’ll recall from the end of the Lupus Walk post, my mom and I had said goodbye to Kim, Lisa and Zoey and had headed towards Nedrow to meet Greg.

Mom typically does her grocery shopping at a small store in Nedrow called Green Hills. If you live anywhere near the Nedrow, NY area, you might want to meander on over there because they are big supporters of local farmers, they aren’t a chain and their prices are pretty comparable. On the day of St. Baldricks, Mom was going to Green Hills to return her bottles and cans. I helped her carry her bags into the redemption center and then said goodbye to her before walking across the parking lot to meet Greg.

We headed back towards Syracuse. As soon as we got on the highway, I glanced at my phone and realized that I had missed two calls–both from Kim. And that’s when I started freaking out a bit. I was convinced that Zoey had started crying after I left and she was so upset, Kim was calling for me to come get her. Or maybe Zoey had gotten hurt and was bleeding profusely and Kim wanted to know which hospital in Syracuse we preferred our daughter to visit. DEAR GOD WHY HADN’T I HEARD MY PHONE RING. I had told Kim to call us if she needed anything and then when she actually called me, I didn’t hear the phone. And when I called her back all frantic, her phone went to voicemail. Gah! I was in the middle of leaving a somewhat rambling message when Greg’s phone rang (it just dawned on me as I write this that he has ‘Play That Funky Music’ as his ringtone. What is WRONG with him? Kidding. Love you, Babe). I grabbed his phone and was relieved to hear Kim’s voice.

“What’s wrong?” I asked right away. Lay it on me, Kim. Don’t beat around the bush. I can take it. Is she upset? Is she hurt? IS MY BABY GIRL OKAY?

“How do you get the stroller to fold up? We’ve been trying to figure it out…”

What the what now?

Let me explain: we have the largest stroller known to mankind–the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System (in Townsend design). It’s one of those strollers that comes with the baby seat that doubles as an infant car seat and fits neatly on the top of the stroller. The thing is beautiful two drink holders (for baby’s sippee cup and Mommy’s Dunkin Donuts coffee), an extra storage container (perfect, we’ve found, for storing car keys and extra binkies) and a large storage space underneath the seat (for huge diaper bags or produce from the farmers market). It’s like a rolling bedroom for your baby–the only problem with it is that it just happens to be the size of a small car.

Once you figure out (and remember) how to get it to fold up, it’s actually a pretty easy task. Just push a button on the handle and turn it a certain way and the whole thing sort of collapses on itself. But before you realize what that button on the handle is for, you’re probably going to spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to get the darn thing folded down. Don’t worry, Kim–every time Greg and I use the stroller we have to figure it out all over again.

Anyway, we got Kim and the stroller squared away. I took the opportunity to ask how Zoey was doing and she said that after I had left, Zoey had cried for a minute when she realized I was gone. But then they took her into the Disney store at the mall and she calmed right down. Girlfriend loves Winnie the Pooh and is currently becoming a fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so I imagine the Disney store was quite close to her own little slice of Heaven.

Thankful that Zoey was okay, Greg and I continued on our way to meet the rest of Team Carol Freeland (our team for the St. Baldrick’s Event) at Colemans, an Irish bar and grille on Syracuse’s west side–in a little part of the city known as Tipperary Hill.

For those of you who don’t know a whole lot about Syracuse, Tipperary Hill is known for being super-Irish. There’s Colemans and an irish gift shop and lots of churches and there’s this:

The green light is on the top

The story goes that Tipperary Hill was settled mostly by Irish immigrants around 1860. When the street light was put in, the youth of the area weren’t happy to see the British red above the Irish green. So, they kept throwing rocks at the light until they broke the glass. When the glass was replaced, they did the same thing again until finally officials decided to put the green over the red in deference to the mostly Irish residents (thank you WIKIPEDIA).

I had actually never been to Tipp Hill (as the locals call it) and immediately fell in love with the area, even though I’m not Catholic and only a bit Irish (along with everything else under the sun). But the one place I really liked was where we met the rest of Team Carol Freeland and had lunch:

Colemans sits at the end of a road and if you’re following driving instructions from MapQuest like we were, just look for the biggest green building in the neighborhood. That would be Colemans.

The nod to Irish folklore begins right outside the door to this awesome place. As you walk down the few steps from the parking lot to the front door, you get to see this:

 Irish phone booths

Or more importantly, this:


But it get’s better because they also have this:

Do you see it? Do you seeeee it? Here’s a close-up:

Oh. Em. Gee. A door for leprechauns! Brilliant!

Greg had told me about the special door the night before and I was wary of believing him because HEY MISTER, WHO YOU CALLIN’ GULLIBLE? But then he told me how drunk people on St. Patricks Day used to try to fit through the leprechaun door–and that just sounded like something people in Syracuse would do. So, I had been looking forward to seeing the little door.

We, obviously, used the regular-sized door and when we got inside, we saw this:

Of course! A bench for leprechauns to sit on while they wait for their taxi!

It was after I took that picture that I decided to stop acting like a tourist. But do you already see the awesomeness of this place?

We were the first of our party to arrive, so naturally, we headed straight for the bar. I had my usual white Russian and Greg, getting into the spirit of the place and his Irish heritage, ordered this:


When the rest of our party arrived, we all headed for our table and ordered drinks, appetizers and lunch:

Team Carol Freeland (minus Christa, who took the picture)

Me and my babe getting our drink and lunch on at Colemans

Listen, I’m going to level with you people, the food at Colemans is pretty darn awesome. I had a chicken breast sandwich with fries (which were kind of like friend potato slices), Greg got a reuben that he told me was wonderful (I don’t care for such things), a few other people in our party got steak sandwiches and at least one person got bangers and mash. Everything, including the potato skin appetizers looked fantastic. And the prices were pretty good too.

After lunch, we headed across the street to the Irish gift shop and then we all piled into our cars and headed towards Kitty Hoynes for the boys to get their heads shaved.

Up next, Part Two, in which we actually get to the St. Baldricks Event


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