Raising Amazing Children (…While Having a Life of Your Own) Book Review


When you have a child, you shouldn’t feel as if you have to change EVERY aspect of your life in order to make your child happy. Sure, you’re inevitably going to adapt in a lot of ways, but in the process, you don’t have to lose your own identity or stop doing the things you like or need to do. That’s the main tenet of Deborah Carroll’s book Raising Amazing Children (…While Having a Life of Your Own). Instead of stopping your life to raise your child, Carroll says that you can include your child into even the most simple of chores and end up not only turning it into a learning experience, but bonding in the process.

Have laundry that needs washing? Maybe your little one could sort the clothes into piles of white and dark. Maybe he can help you measure out the detergent and pour it in the washer. Not only does the child feel proud that he helped Mommy or Daddy, but he was also just introduced to problem-solving, math and much more.


What I like about Carroll’s book is that she not only says parents should include their children in tasks, but she EXPLAINS how to go about it. In five chapters, she covers everything from going shopping to gardening, doing laundry to how to make your own play dough for playtime–and so much more. She explains exactly what aspects of a child’s education each of these tasks touches on and how sometimes being included, to a child, is, quite possibly, the most important part of each task.

So, where does Carroll come up with all of this? Well, she’s a wellness coach and educational publisher, but more importantly, she’s a mom. She knows what works because she’s been there, raising her own three girls. And fortunately, she’s decided to share what she’s learned along the way in book form.

This is another one of those few parenting books that really stand out from the crowd and makes an ideal gift for the mom- and dad-to-be. Or maybe for yourself, if you, like me, went through a phase where you couldn’t get even a simple basket of laundry folded because a toddler was hanging off of you at all times. Carroll knows how to handle that so both parties are satisfied. Get the book. Read the book. And enjoy teaching your kids while having fun and bonding.

To check out the book’s website, click here. Go here to have a look at Deborah’s blog and here for her hubpages.

*This review is solely my opinion. I was given no money or special trinkets like cars or jewelry for this review.

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