Happy Birthday, Preble Road Crew


Last week, this silly little dog-and-pony-show blog celebrated its first birthday. It was a quiet celebration in the fact that I totally forgot all about it being the 1-year anniversary until a couple of days later. Go me.

But I couldn’t let the occasion pass without any mention here. This is BIG, people. We’re a year old now and hopefully, we’ll have a lot more birthdays to come.

So, in the past year, we’ve gone from having an infant with teething issues to a toddler, who can’t get enough Fresh Beat Band. We lost a lot of dear friends and family members and even though they are sorely missed, they are still in our thoughts. We’ve weathered ups and downs and talked about poop quite a few times. We took pledges to support other mommy bloggers and be the best parents we can be and we even started networking with other sites and bloggers to bring you, the reader, parenting reviews, awesome site links and more.

We expanded to Facebook.com and pinterest.com (see links on the side bar). We even got our own spin-off in the form of Team Parenthood, a monthly webzine dedicated to all things parenting.

Some of our ideas for this blog didn’t really pan out, but that’s okay because we had to try. Some of those ideas moved over to Team Parenthood and some of them went quietly into The Preble Road Crew’s archives. And, of course, there are more new ideas on the horizon. I’m currently negotiating with a couple of vendors for new product reviews and giveaways, we’re getting ready to launch weekly parenting writing prompts and I’m very excited because The Preble Road Crew now welcomes guest bloggers!

Suffice it to say, we’re growing and it’s all because you readers make it possibly. Super-huge thanks to everyone who has followed this blog in the past year and who has left comments either here or on Facebook. You all rock and if I could, I would send you all cookies.

So I hope you’ll continue to join our little circus in the next coming year for more adventures. We’ll be here–probably eating Oreos and watching Dora the Explorer.

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