Parenting Writing Prompt Thursday


Every Thursday, I post a writing prompt that focuses on either parenting or family, as well as my answer. And then I hold my breath and pray that you readers will post your own responses to the prompt in the comments section.

Here we go.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a review a review for a book called, “Raising Amazing Children (…While Having a Life of Your Own), by Deborah Carroll. The book talks about how it’s incredibly beneficial in many different ways to include your child in everyday tasks–they learn new skills, sharpen already-existing skills, get to feel triumph of accomplishing a task and, of course, get to bond with you, their parent. As a parent, how do you incorporate your child(ren) into chores and tasks that you do every day, once a week, etc.?

My answer:

Zoey is at that age where she wants to be a part of everything and Greg and I encourage that mentality as much as possible because we want to see her learn and grow.

Dishes–She loves helping Greg load and unload the dishwasher. If she’s in the living room and she hears him open the dishwasher in the kitchen, she rushes right out there to help him. We praise for putting dishes in the right places or taking them out and handing them to Daddy if they go in a cupboard she can’t reach.

Laundry–Because she has shown interest in the laundry process, I have started letting her put clothes in the dryer. Basically, I take a few clothes at a time out of our washer and put them on the open dryer door. Then Zoey pushes them inside and when all of the clothes are in, she shuts the door.

Pet Care–Zoey likes to help Greg feed his fish by dumping a fistful (her size fist) of food into the tank and then watching as the fish swim around and gulp it down. She has also just recently started helping Greg feed our dogs. We have a small plastic bucket that we fill with dog food to split between Brutus and Scout–Zoey carries the bucket into the kitchen (where Brutus typically eats) and dumps some of the food into his dish and then into the living room (where Scout typically eats) and dumps the rest of the food into the dish. Then she returns the bucket back to our dog food storage bin right inside our back door.

Grocery Shopping–This one is fun because she gets SO into it. Zoey likes Greg or I to hand all items to her for inspection before she drops them into the back of the cart. Obviously this doesn’t work for eggs and heavy containers like milk, but bags of chips and cans of soup are fine.

Greg and I, both, love watching her little mind work while she helps us and she loves when we praise her on a job well done. We have not, however, tried to incorporate her into vacuuming yet because she’s still afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

Please write your response to the prompt in the comments section.


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  1. They are never too young to learn. She sees it all as so much fun. Wait until she is a teen!! You are doing the right thing by letting her help in any way she can and wants to. She sure is a sweetie!!

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