Parenting Writing Prompt Thursday


Every Thursday, I post a writing prompt that focuses on either parenting or family, as well as my answer. And then I hold my breath and pray that you readers will post your own responses to the prompt in the comments section.

Here we go.

What toy or TV show is your child a huge fan of?

My answer:

Zoey loves The Fresh Beat Band. Probably a little more than Dora the Explorer and Oreos, which is kind of saying a lot. She likes watching them on TV, but LOVES when they start singing–which sometimes leads to a spontaneous dance party.

We recently bought her the Fresh Beat Band CD, which features songs from the show. She insists on holding the CD case while listening to the CD in the car. She stares at the members of the band on the cover of the CD case and occasionally points to one or two of them–in particular, Kiki (the one in the pink). And Greg and I made the mistake of playing the CD while Zoey was taking a shower a couple of weeks ago. Now EVERY TIME she goes in the bathroom to take a shower or bath, she asks that the CD player be turned on so we can listen to her favorite CD.

She calls them ‘Be Ba’, not to be confused with ‘Be Be’, which is her binky.

And now we hear that the Fresh Beat Band is touring. Greg and I have already talked about how if they come anywhere near us, we’re going to have to take Zoey to their concert. She might only be almost two years old (gah!), but if she saw them live, She. Would. Lose. Her. Mind.

In fact, when I left this morning for work, Zoey had climbed up on the couch and covered herself up with a blanket. She had a bowl of dry cereal and she was settling in to watch an episode of The Fresh Beat Band that she’s seen at least once before. But she doesn’t care. When you’re that big of a fan, it doesn’t matter how many times you see it.

Please write your response to the prompt in the comments section.

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