Hello Wonderful Warm Weather


Yesterday after I got out of work, Zoey, Greg and I headed outside to enjoy the last bit of a super-awesome day weather-wise before dinner. It’s really the first time this season (because the weather has been so weird) that we’ve been able to take Zoey outside and just let her roam free. And she LOVED it.

Girlfriend was on a mission

At first, she didn’t want to wander too far from Greg and I, even though our backyard opens into our neighbor’s backyard and a cornfield, so she could pretty much walk wherever. Then, she started getting more into the idea of freedom and Greg and I found ourselves trying to keep up with her.

I had pretended to growl at her right before I snapped the picture

Zoey and Daddy walking together. And if you look really closely, you can see Scout on his lead at the front of the house.

Then Zoey decided she wanted to try her hand at climbing a tree:

My adventurous girl

But she needed Daddy’s help to get down:

That’s a big step, Daddy

The she was off on another big adventure in our backyard:

Little girl in a big world

Brutus, in the meantime, ran around the yard like crazy and then flopped down in a bed of dandelions to rest.

The world’s largest dog tongue. Ew. Ew. Ew.

One more pic. This is the hole that Greg and I found in our yard. Apparently, our big dumb dogs decided they’d like to make their own route to China:



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