Memorial Day Weekend, Part One


Our weekend can be summed up in just a few words: swimming, picnic food and LOTS of sun.

We have the BEST family and friends in the entire world because every time we turned around this past weekend, we got another invitation to a barbecue or party for Memorial Day. It made Greg and I feel really good, although we weren’t able (unfortunately) to get to every party we were invited to. As it was, our weekend was so full that we were barely home for any of it. Hello summer, right?

So, our weekend actually started Friday night after I got out of work. I had just finished an incredibly stressful week and all I wanted to do was relax. I picked up Zoey from my mom’s house and then we picked up Greg and headed to Grampy Emmett (Greg’s dad) and Grandma Karen’s house on Little York Lake for dinner. When we got there, Zoey headed straight through their house to the sliding door near the deck that leads to the water. No hellos to her grandparents. No stopping to put on a bathing suit. Nope. She saw the water and all of a sudden, THEREISWATERIMUSTBEINITOMG.

I wrestled her into a swimsuit that SAID it was size 18 months, but I have my doubts. we also threw on a Swimmy (read: water diaper) and water shoes and we were ready to go swimming.

This is Zoey’s almost-two (gah!) definition of swimming: stand in the water up to her knees and have Daddy or Mommy (okay, usually Daddy) hand her stones to throw about a foot away from her in the water.

We got out the floatee that Grampy and Grammy had bought her last year:

Miss Independent, though, was much more interested in standing on her own two feet in the water.

After swimming for a good thirty minutes or so, we had dinner: hot dogs, corn on the cob, baked beans and mac salad. Nothing says summer like picnic foods.

At some point later in the evening, Grammy Karen got out some of her instruments and because all of the adults were a little, ahem, on the buzzed side, we ended up kind of having an impromptu drum circle in the middle of their living room. Zoey LOVED it. Personally, I think she thought she was auditioning to join The Fresh Beat Band.

Greg and I figured it was time to head home when Miss Zoey started walking around the house like this:

She was carrying around her Elmo blanket and binky and asking to go sit in the car and listen to her Fresh Beat Band CD. Suffice it to say, we went home and put Zoey to bed.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the week at work had been really hard and I had needed some relaxation time–hanging out on the lake was EXACTLY what I needed and I thank Karen and Emmett for inviting us over for dinner and a swim. Watching Zoey play in the water with Greg and visiting with everyone made me chill out and put all other stresses to the back of my mind.

On Saturday, my mom called early in the morning and asked if Zoey and I wanted to go grocery shopping with her in Syracuse. When I told Greg we were invited, he just shook his head because he knows a simple trip to the grocery store ends up turning into an adventure when my mom and I are together. Naturally, we ended up doing much more than grocery shopping, including walking around Shoppingtown Mall (Zoey said hello and waved to every little kid she saw) and having lunch at Friendlys (did you know they have a kid’s meal that consists of mac and cheese, hot dogs and pickles? All of Zoey’s favorites). I was able to get Zoey a couple of new swimsuits in a bigger size; she helped me pick them out at Walmart.

When she and I got home, we found that Greg had spent the morning mowing the entire lawn. We all sat down for about a twenty-minute break and then we packed up everything and headed back down to Grampy and Grammy’s house for some more swimming fun.

Check out that cute baby in her new Dora swimsuit:

It was back to throwing the rocks in the water with Daddy.

After Zoey had enough swimming (which was only because she got so cold, she was shivering like she was standing in five feet of snow), we had dinner: ribs, mac salad, salt potatoes and baked beans. Zoey ate all of my ribs. Seriously. I had one bite.

Then we decided to take a boat ride. Everyone–Grammy, Grampy, Greg, Zoey, me and a few of Grammy and Grampy’s friends jumped on Grammy and Grampy’s boat to take a jaunt around Little York Lake. What surprised pretty much everyone, except Grammy and Grampy, was that their cat, Socks, decided to join us:

Miss Zoey had on a life vest, which she hated and I loved. I was all, “Good. Nothing will happen to her now.” And she was all, “I can’t move my head.” She got used to it though:

And then Greg took over captain duties so his dad could relax for a bit. This picture is Greg driving the boat LIKE A BOSS:

Of course, Zoey didn’t want Daddy having all of the fun:

When we got back to the dock, Grammy showed us that she had downloaded a couple of episodes of The Fresh Beat Band onto their TV for Zoey. Zoey started rocking out and she actually ended up getting most of the adults dancing and grooving around Grampy and Grammy’s living room. The power of The Fresh Beat Band.

She and Daddy took a short swim in Grammy and Grampy’s hot tub and then we headed for home.

Again, a big thanks to Karen and Emmett for the much-needed chill out time at the lake. Thanks to my dad and mom for the support and to my mom for giggling with me while we were shopping. And thanks to Karen’s friend, Meg, who said all of the right things to make me feel better.

And we STILL weren’t done with the weekend events, but the rest will be in part two.

For more pics from our visits to Little York Lake on Memorial Day weekend, click here.

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