Ready? Aim. Fired.


I debated for a bit whether or not to even write about this because it’s kind of personal and maybe a little sad and for the most part, this blog contains happy stories about our family. But then I realized that 1. this is just another adventure for The Preble Road Crew, which means a whole new world of stuff to blog about and 2. other people go through this kind of stuff every day. Why not share my experiences? Isn’t that what blogging is all about? Plus, someday Zoey might want to read all of these posts and I want her to see that yeah, bad stuff happened, but our family still laughed, still danced, still PERSEVERED.


Yesterday, I was fired from my job. I had been there for over four years and honestly, leaving was way, way, WAY overdue. My experience with this particular company was pretty negative–promises made and not kept, coworkers fired or pushed out for paltry reasons, blatant favoritism. I knew they were looking for a reason to fire me and after lots of long talks with Greg and a lot of hard thinking and praying, I realized that it actually wouldn’t be a bad thing if it were to happen–my aha moment.

We have enough money set aside to get us through until I find another job, we have the support of our family and friends–we’re good. So when I was called into the conference room yesterday with the HR guy and one of my supervisors and told that they were eliminating my position, I didn’t burst out crying; I didn’t beg them to let me stay. I just said, “Okay,” and asked for a box to pack up all of the crap on my desk–my coffee mug, my boxes of crystal light and oatmeal, my fan and my billions of pictures of Greg and Zoey.

And then I walked out of that building with my head held high. I left with dignity and for that, I’m proud. I called Greg, texted a couple friends, called my mom and lugged my box the two and a half blocks to the parking garage. I picked up Zoey from my mom’s house, went home and let Greg take care of me for the night. I watched the SpongeBob Squarepants movie with Zoey and drank white Russians with Greg. We had a spontaneous dance party to the Fresh Beat Band and Greg made me the BEST freakin’ ‘I-got-fired-today’ dinner EVER.

It was all positive and happy and you know what? I’m looking forward to the future. Nothing but possibilities out there for us now–and now we have the freedom to pursue them all. And talk about the best time of year to get fired. Nice warm weather? Absolutely. While I’m looking for a job, we can fill our days with swimming and playing at the park. I can actually work on that whole Spring cleaning thing and try my hand at being a stay-at-home mom–something I’ve wanted to do since Zoey was born.

It’s all good.


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    • Thanks so much for the support. It’s totally a good thing that I’m not there any more and I’m looking forward to possibilities for the future. 🙂 🙂

  1. I saw that on Facebook… but it’s taken me a few days to find an internet connection to read the story… enjoy the “stay at home mom” gig while it lasts =)

    • Thanks. I’m enjoying spending time with Zoey and getting stuff done around the house. I’m just trying to be positive about the whole thing because it really is a blessing I am not there anymore. 🙂

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