Memorial Day Weekend, Part Two


For the first part of our Memorial Day weekend, click here.


Sunday, we ended up spending the afternoon/early evening at Jennie and Pat Mooney (Greg’s aunt and uncle)’s house on Lake Cuomo. As soon as we got there, Jennie showed us (well, really Zoey, but Greg and I thought it was cool too) the playhouse they had recently gotten for the kids in the family:

If you look through the doorway, you can see Zoey hard at work making supper.

Alright, look, I would have KILLED for something like this when I was younger. I mean, the windows really open, it has a lake view and THERE IS A DECK OMGTHECUTENESS. Here’s a look at the inside:

YES, THAT’S A PLAY REFRIGERATOR. And there’s a play microwave and toaster and OMG can I just move in there and live there and play all day with Zoey? I am not even kidding–when I was a kid, I was all into that kind of stuff. And Miss Zoey seems to be following in my shoes. As soon as Aunt Jennie showed her around the little house, Zoey started checking out everything in the refrigerator, taking it out to show Greg and I and asking what every little thing was.

And that’s how this happened:

She had brought the play croissant to where Greg and I stood right outside  the little house and asked us what it was. We told her and then we added that it was a kind of bread. She said, “Ohhhh,” and then turned and went across the room to the toaster and tried to stuff the croissant inside. Because all bread goes in the  toaster, people, didn’t you know that?

We did, eventually, get Zoey to leave the little house–by telling her we could go swimming.

It was back to throwing rocks with Daddy–And Aunt Jennie was all over that; she brought a little pile to Greg and Zoey to get them started.

Zoey loved hanging out in the water, but  Lake Cuomo was a little more active than Little York Lake had been the day before and she wasn’t entirely sure what she thought of the waves:

After she had enough of swimming, we got some lunch–hot dogs, mac salad and broccoli, cheese and rice casserole. And watermelon. Dear Lord, the watermelon. Zoey ate THREE pieces of watermelon. We’re talking two half circles and one triangle of watermelon–and probably would have eaten the rind too if we had let her.

After lunch, it was time to play with her cousins. Zoey LOVES other kids, especially older ones and I think it meant the world to her that her older cousins were willing to play ball with her. Granted, she sort of just followed them around and every once in a while took a couple of seconds to twirl around in the grass before following the older kids again. But it was just the being included part that it was clear she loved. And I loved watching her experience that camaraderie.

We left a bit early, but we wanted to get Zoey in bed at a decent time since she had gone to bed late both Friday and Saturday nights and hadn’t had a great nap on Sunday. Super thanks to Jennie and Pat for inviting us over, though. And for letting us borrow some lake shoes for Greg and Zoey.

Monday, I woke up early and was all psyched because I knew the annual Memorial Day parade that goes right past our house was supposed to start at eleven and then we were going to head to Greg’s sister’s farm for a picnic. In my head, I had visions of sitting on a blanket in our front yard with Greg and Zoey as we watched the parade roll by. Everything would be happy and fun and fabulous.

And then it started to rain. I applaud those brave souls that still started lining the road in stubborn support of the parade, but the grass was wet and there was mud and it was still sprinkling when the parade started. Here’s the thing about Preble–it’s very tiny and there’s only one main road and we happen to live on it. So, the parade wasn’t exactly like the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade, if you know what I mean. The parade was gearing up to start when I gave up on the idea of watching it outside and decided to take a shower instead. I was in the bathroom for ten minutes. When I got out, the parade was finished and no one was outside on the road. The tiniest parade in all the world.

Thankfully, by the time we got to Kim’s farm, the rain had stopped and the sun was out in full force.

Zoey was incredibly grouchy because she hadn’t had a nap at all that day–not for lack of trying on Greg’s and my part, though. When we tried to settle her down, she just wasn’t having it. So, when we got to Kim’s house, she wasn’t in the best of moods and spent the first twenty minutes or so glued to me.

But we did pry her away from my chest long enough to get her to eat lunch:

After lunch, Lisa (Zoey’s cousin) took Greg, Zoey and I to meet some of their calves. Greg let a calf suck on his fingers (apparently it’s a comfort thing for the calf) and he tried to get me to do it, but dude. Seriously? That ain’t happening. I pet the calf. That’s good, right? Oh my God, I’m such a girl. Anyway, Zoey got a great big kiss from the calf over ninety percent of her face. It didn’t faze her in the least. Clearly, she gets the whole animal love thing from her Daddy.

After we visited the calf, Lisa took us across the road to the barn to see some kittens that were born the day before. Of course, being Greg and an animal lover to the end, Greg lagged behind so that he could say hello to every calf they had:

Only one of the million reasons why I love him.

The kitten we saw was adorable and I got to hold her! I’m much more into kittens than calves, apparently. We took pictures, but unfortunately they came out blurry. Check out our Facebook page here to see the kitten for yourself. So cute!

When we got back to the picnic, Miss Zoey was all about wandering around and checking out the flowers:

And blowing on dandelion puff balls:

We had such a great time hanging out with Greg’s sister and her family. A super-huge thanks to Kim and her husband, Kevin, for the invitation to share their Memorial Day picnic with them. And a special thanks to Lisa and her cousins for taking us to see the calf and kitten.

One more thing.

This was Zoey on the way home from Kim’s farm:

Girlfriend was EXHAUSTED.

Thanks again to everyone who invited us to different Memorial Day events. We had a fabulous long weekend.

To see all of the pics from our Memorial Day weekend, click here. And while you’re there, you might as well click ‘Like’ for our Facebook page.


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