Ode to Hobby Lobby


For a long time, Hobby Lobby was just another one of those things that other states had–like Mall of America or Busch Gardens. But then I found out that not only had the store expanded to our neck of the woods, but they were only A HALF AN HOUR AWAY FROM OUR HOUSE OMG. On Mother’s Day, Greg was awesome and said he’d take me to the craft mecca that is Hobby Lobby. I was all excited and when we pulled into the parking lot, I was practically bouncing in my seat like a five-year old on her first day at Disney World.

Just one problem–it was Sunday and the store was closed.

So, Greg took me just down the road to Michaels for me to drown my pain in scrapbooking paper and stamps.

Fast forward a bit to the other day when I ended up going to Syracuse with my mom. She had a doctor’s appointment and after dropping her off there, I decided to mosey on down the road to Hobby Lobby.

They were open this time.

As soon as I walked through the doors, I’m pretty sure I heard a chorus of angels singing and there were rays on light coming from the scrapbooking section. My heart was so happy, I could have wiped away imaginary tears. It was just. so. beautiful.

And they have EVERYTHING. Need rectangular cardstock? Check. Tie-dye duct tape? Aisle fifteen*. FRAMES? LAMPS? BINDINGS FOR SCRAPBOOKS???? IT’S ALL THERE. Every time I turned into a new aisle, my eyes widened just a little bit more and I murmured to myself, “Oh my gosh….” How could I have lived…um, over twenty-five years of life (heh) without ever having been to such a wonderful place?

I was very close to texting Greg and letting him know that even though I love him and Zoey SO much, I would be moving into Hobby Lobby and they could always come to visit me in the scrapbook aisle.

I can’t say enough about how much I absolutely loved this place and how it made me want to sit right down and start scrapbooking–which they might have had a problem with since I was in the middle of the store and hadn’t bought anything yet. It was just wonderful and beautiful and yes, I will be going back in the near future for sure.

*I don’t really know if the tie-dye duct tape is in aisle fifteen. I just sort of made that up (in case you couldn’t tell). But they really do have a TON of different duct tape designs and colors. Seriously.


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