A Weeks Worth of Posts In One


Oh my gosh, you guys, the past couple of weeks have gone by super-fast and I’ve been struggling to keep up with everything. Just stay with me here and hopefully, I’ll get you guys caught up on what’s been going on with The Crew.

A couple super-serious things:

1. My mom’s surgery went well and she’s currently on the mend. Because of the nature of her surgery, the recovery time is six weeks–a long time in which she isn’t allowed to lift anything near ten pounds or over, which means no babysitting for the time being. Thus, I’ve gotten the chance to try on the stay-at-home mom hat for a bit and even though sometimes it’s incredibly stressful, Zoey and I are having a good time hanging out, doing errands and visiting Grandma Hoose.

2. My Aunt Joann passed away. It seems like there’s been so much loss on my mom’s side of the family this past year. I’m not even sure what to say other than my heart is sad and our thoughts and prayers go out to my Uncle Steve and his family. Uncle Steve is one of our most avid readers, so I hope he sees this post and knows we’re thinking about him. Aunt Joann was a lovely person who will be very missed.

Some not-so-serious things:

Two Fridays ago, my mom and I found a rummage sale that looked tailor-made for Miss Zoey. They had a crapload of toys for ages 2-5 at ridiculously low prices. I scored a girl’s play teepee (SQUEEE!), a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse riding toy, a Disney Princesses play vanity with stool, two Elmo DVDs, a kid’s keyboard with stool, a Dora the Explorer bean bag toss game and a bunch of little things all for only $33.00. Seriously. The riding toy alone had to be at least forty at regular price because since that show is popular right now, all of the toys are EXPENSIVE (trust me, I know from pricing things for Zoey’s birthday).

Two Saturdays ago, I grabbed my mom and she, Zoey and I headed to Walmart in Cortland to get last-minute stuff for Zoey’s birthday party. We ordered her cake–a sheet cake with SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Crabs figurines on it and I picked up a couple more gifts for her.

That Sunday was her party at Greg’s dad and stepmom’s house on Little York Lake. They decorated with a luau theme, which went well with the whole party-on-the-water vibe. Kids swam, there was tons of food and of course, presents. Everyone ate lunch (we had a barbecue) and then we got to the presents. Then the cake. Zoey was all about the cake this year (last year she couldn’t have cared less)–whenever anyone mentioned that it was the day of her party, she’d say, “Cake.” That’s it. Just one word.

When her Grandma Hoose asked her the next day what her favorite part of her birthday party was, Zoey answered, “Cake.”

Anyway, the party was a huge success, which was a relief because I had forgotten to send out invitations until it was kind of too late, so I ended up just sending a mass private message to family on Facebook. But up until the day of the party, we didn’t have a clear idea of how many people were actually coming. Thankfully, almost everyone we invited was able to come and share in Zoey’s special time.

Here’s my favorite picture from the party:

For more pics from her party, click here.

Last Monday was Zoey’s actual birthday. She and I went to my mom’s house for lunch and she got to pick fresh strawberries with my mom. We got home in the early afternoon–just in time to have a piece of leftover birthday cake (from her party) and open her presents from Greg and I.

Here she is opening the Fresh Beat Band season 2 on DVD:

She was all about her SpongeBob books set that we got her, but not so much the bubble mower. We tried it out after she had opened the last of her presents and she pretty much made it clear that Daddy and Mommy could play with it, but she didn’t like the noise the play motor made.

Last Tuesday was Zoey’s two-year check-up at the doctors. She is officially 24 lbs. and 3 oz. and she has grown two inches since her last appointment (which explains why it seemed like all of her pants became too short over night). She wore one of the dresses she got for her birthday to her appointment and everyone told her she looked so pretty, but I could tell she was totally on edge because she doesn’t trust that doctor’s office. Here’s the deal: Dr. Jones, Zoey’s pediatrician, is quite possibly the coolest doctor in the entire world. But because Zoey had to have all of the usual immunizations and whatnot from the time she was born until now, she doesn’t really care to go visit Dr. Jones. In fact, whenever Dr. Jones comes in the room, Zoey stops talking, climbs up in my lap and just glares at her.

Her two-year appointment was nothing different. Dr. Jones tried her best to get Zoey out of her shell, but Zoey wasn’t having anything of it. Probably she knew what was coming at the end of our visit–a finger prick and a shot in her arm. And sure enough, as soon as the two nurses came in the room at the end of the visit to do the shot and finger prick, Zoey made a beeline for the door and said, “Home. Home.”

She cried and cried and looked at the nurse giving her the shot like, why are you doing this to me? It broke my heart and after the shots were done, I held her so tightly until she calmed down. The nurses gave her a board book to take home, which is typical for this particular office when a child has a check-up or physical. I love this little detail–how they encourage reading at such a young age.

As a result of this appointment, though, we were given the go-ahead to switch to a toddler bed, start potty training and oh, lose the binky within the next six months or so. That’s a whole lot of changes, but we’re going to give it a go here shortly.

Last Wednesday, my mom, Zoey and I ran a couple errands and when we got home, I put Scout on his lead outside. I noticed about twenty minutes later that he was being awfully quiet (he usually spends his time outside barking at squirrels and birds) and when I looked out our front door, I saw the lead, an empty collar and no Scout.

I scooped up Zoey and we rushed outside for me to stare dumbly at the empty collar on the ground for a few seconds before I started calling for Scout. Zoey, always my little helper, yelled for him too. It went something like this:

Me: Scooter!

Zoey: Scoo!

Me: Come here, boy!

Zoey: Meer!

Me: Do you want a treat?

Zoey: Tree?

There was no sign of Scout anywhere. I called Greg, who happened to be on his way home, and told him what happened all panicked-like. He told me to put Zoey in the car and drive around our one-road neighborhood looking for Scout. In the meantime, Greg got to our neck of the woods and started driving around looking for him as well. And he ended up finding him at the end of a dead-end road.

What was our idiot dog doing?

Rolling in a dead animal, which is always SO much fun.

I think that gets you almost completely caught up with what’s been going on with us lately. Ugh. Hopefully, this week will be much quieter, although I have my doubts because of all of the 4th of July festivities.


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