Cortland County Jr. Fair 2012


Sort of on a whim yesterday, Greg, Zoey and I decided to head to the Cortland County Jr. Fair. It isn’t a huge fair by any means–just a few games and rides, a couple of buildings and vendors and small animals and a barn of bigger animals. Greg’s sister, Kim and her kids were already there because every year they represent their farm by showing cows and we knew Zoey would be excited to see Kim and her daughter, Lisa.

When we got there, we headed straight to the barn to see Kim and Lisa. Zoey wasn’t too sure of the cows at first–quite possibly because they are so big. But she started getting into seeing all of the animals when we visited a couple of horses:

The horses were busy eating their dinner

Zoey liked the horses but she was really taken with the pig because it started talking back to her–looking right at her and snorting away. She thought that was the coolest thing and she tried to get through the wire fence to get closer to the pig:

The pig and Zoey chatting

After we pried Zoey away from the pig’s cage, we went to one of the buildings to check out the smaller animals. Zoey was much more into looking at the different animals at this point and when she saw a little girl with a rabbit on a small leash, she headed straight for them:

The bunny on the leash

Zoey plopped right down on the floor and kept saying hi to the little girl until she responded. But it was clear Miss Zoey wanted to have more of a friendship with this girl than just a passing hello and while she petted the bunny, she looked at the little girl and said, “Mermaids.”

Zoey is obsessed with mermaids right now and it’s like she was looking for a kindred spirit in this girl. Maybe it’s Zoey’s code word . Who knows? Naturally, the little girl didn’t have any idea what Zoey was talking about and after a couple minutes she scooped up her bunny and walked away.

We continued our walk and came upon a cage with baby chicks in it:

The sign in the corner says not to touch the chicks. Naturally, my kid had to try to get her hand in the cage.

Zoey thought that, aside from the talking pig, the chicks were awesome and we actually had a hard time getting her away from them.

Not too far away from the chicks was a booth that was selling books for all ages. Since Zoey is SO into reading right now, Greg and I bought her six used kids books for three dollars and then because Zoey was acting fussy and it was so hot out, we headed back to the barn to say our goodbyes to Kim and Lisa.

On the way back to their part of the barn, we saw these two cows taking a nap:

They’re leaning against each other

This is not the end of our Cortland County Jr fair adventure, though. Dan the Snake Man wasn’t there yesterday and Kim told us that he doesn’t arrive with his exhibit (yes, snakes, ew) until Saturday. So, we’ll probably go back to the fair then because Greg wants to see the snakes. Gross.

For more pics from our Cortland County Jr. fair visit, click here.


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