Our Second Trip to the Cortland County Jr. Fair 2012


On our way back from the Ithaca’s farmer’s market on Saturday, we decided to stop by the Cortland County Jr. fair to check out the animals again.

Zoey wanted to check out the horses, so we started on that side of the barn this time. She said hello to the one horse in a stall–the other ones were in the middle of a showing and people were cleaning out the missing horses’ stalls.

We headed over to  the cow part of the barn. As I mentioned in the last post about the fair, Greg’s sister, Kim, her kids, Lisa and Matt, and their cousins, Em and Collin, show cows every year at the fair. They’ve been doing it for years and every year, they stack up the awards. This year, Lisa won Reserve Grand Champion for the entire fair, as well as other awards.

This cow won first place in a contest with her calf

The cow in the above picture apparently loves little kids and babies. When Zoey got close to her, the cow gave her a nice big lick down her arm. Have you ever noticed how long a cow’s tongue is? Probably you’ve never really thought about it, but when that tongue (which is bigger than Miss Zoey’s arm, by the way) is sliding down your kid’s arm and leaving behind a little bit of wet, stickiness, you can’t help but think, yuck yuck yuck. But I was the one nearest Zoey and I didn’t stop it because the cow was saying hello and it made Zoey smile. Plus, I knew we had wet ones in the car.

After we visited the cow, Zoey decided  that she and her cousin, Lisa, should take off to look at some other animals:

As usual, Zoey acted like she owned the place

Greg and I followed a few paces behind. Every once in a while, Zoey would look back, notice us and kind of give us this look like maybe we were cramping her and Lisa’s style. It’s lame to have your parents hanging around, right?

In one of the animal buildings, we met this happy goat:


Then we found the booth with snakes and other creepy animals. The kid manning the booth asked Greg to hold this turtle while he got a snake out of a container he had a couple feet away:

The turtle was constantly on the move and the kid in charge was afraid that the turtle would walk right off the table

Just like her daddy, Zoey wasn’t afraid of the big turtle at all:

Where was I. you ask? Probably buying hand sanitizer in bulk

So then the kid got out a little orange and brown snake, which wasn’t poisonous, but was a TYPE OF PYTHON OMG. Naturally, Greg had to hold it:

Okay, I’ll admit, he’s kind of pretty

Zoey was all about petting the snake:

Greg sharing his love of animals (even the gross ones) with Zoey

But she wasn’t all that happy about getting too close to a chicken, even though Daddy tried to show her it was okay:

“I don’t know, Daddy. That Chicken looks shifty.”

She didn’t end up touching the chicken and pretty much decided shortly after that that we needed to go home. Seriously. She headed straight back through the animal barn and tried to walk right out to the parking lot to our car. She kept saying, “Home. Home.” So, we said our goodbyes to Kim, Lisa and the animals and headed home.

For more pics from our trips to the Cortland County Jr. fair, click here.

For anyone paying attention, going to the Ithaca farmer’s market and the Cortland County Jr. Fair allowed us to cross two things off our ‘Before We Blink and Miss It’ list. To check out the rest of the list, click on the link at the top of the page.


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