A New Chapter


If you’re an avid follower of this blog (yea! to you and if you aren’t an avid follower, what’s wrong with you? Kidding), you know that I lost my job at the end of May. As I mentioned in a past post, it was actually a blessing in disguise because my experience with that particular company was incredibly negative and had only gotten worse in the last few months. When I found myself suddenly unemployed, I was actually kind of thrilled because I felt the world in front of me was so full of possibilities for the future. I was excited to return to the person I knew I was–not the person that job had made me feel like I had become.

My mom had surgery during all of that and couldn’t watch Zoey during the day for at least six weeks, which meant I was able to start looking for a new job really slowly and at the same time, enjoy my real first experience as a stay-at-home mom. In the meantime, Greg was hired to paint the house of a woman his sister knew. And that led to another painting job on the woman’s referral to her friend.

Greg has painted professionally before, but that was on a team of painters–and the owner of the company was kind of shifty with his morals and ethics when it came to his employees AND his clients. Greg and the owner ended up parting ways after Greg mentioned that he had been promised at least thirty to forty hours a week and had been getting around twenty. But the thing is, Greg is GREAT at painting and it’s not about making a profit for him; it’s about quality work and making the customer happy.

After a lot of thought and many conversations between the two of us, Langer Painting was born.

Originally, the plan was that Greg would be, of course, be the main painter and that I could maybe be the backup painter. But we’ve decided that it makes more sense for me to restart my job search so that there’s a steady paycheck coming in between painting jobs. And I’m okay with going back to work. My mom is getting better and will most likely be okayed by her doctor at the end of this month to resume her normal activities, which means she can watch Zoey during the day. It’s all good. I’m ready.

But here’s the thing: I’m not ready to return to the world of copywriting–or writing in general. That last job really shook me to the core and made me question my abilities as a writer. I need time to get my confidence back and frankly, trying to get another job in that field when I’m not feeling confident in my abilities is just not smart. And I don’t want the stress.

I think I’m pretty good with details, scheduling and dealing with people, so I’m thinking about trying to find a nice receptionist position somewhere close to home. That way, I can do my job and leave it behind when it’s time to go home for the day. This will also give me time after my normal 9-5 job to schedule quote appointments for Greg’s company (I LOVE the sound that) and take care of the paperwork side of it.

Some of you might say, what about your CAREER? I hate that word-career. I’m not a career girl (another aha moment). Never have been; never will be. All I want is a job that keeps me happy and allows me to come home at night and be a good mom to Zoey and a good partner to Greg. I’m not about ‘climbing the corporate ladder’. It’s just not important to me.

It’s all good. Greg and I are happy and we’re looking toward the future.

I’ll be honest, Greg and I have gone through some pretty tough hurdles in the past financially, but we made it through and we’re in such a better place now. It really does look like the sky is the limit.


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