It started with a video on Nick Jr.–Dora the Explorer singing a song (about singing, believe it or not) with Thalia while in the background on monitors, mermaids swim. Zoey fell in love with it right away and it became kind of commonplace for us to rewind the video–which was actually just a commercial for Dora the Explorer. Thank God for the DVR.

Then her birthday rolled around and a family member bought her a mermaid doll, which was the GREATESTTHINGEVEROMG, as far as Zoey was concerned. That doll slept with her, made the rounds to family members’ houses when we visited and was a constant playmate for Zoey at home.

We bought her the Dora Saves The Mermaid DVD for her birthday and she insisted on watching it nonstop. Then a few days later, we found the picture book based on the DVD and she got that too with some money someone had given her for her birthday.

About a week after her birthday, I found out that the Dora movie featuring the duet with Thalia was available at Walmart (it came out the day after her birthday) and for eleven dollars, it made Zoey incredibly happy. And she loved the fact that she now had TWO mermaid movies to choose from.

Then we went to my sister’s house and it turned out that her daughters had MERMAIDBARBIEDOLLSOMG and Zoey loved them. She even tried to sneak them into our bag before she left in an attempt, I believe, to give them a new home. My sister, not knowing about all of this mermaid love, had bought Zoey a pajama outfit with a mermaid on the shirt and gave it to her while we were at their house. Zoey wanted it on RIGHTNOWRIGHTNOWRIGHTNOW and then refused to let me take it off the next morning when she got out of bed. In fact, she insisted on wearing it into her baby pool. Apparently, she felt the mermaid on her shirt needed to swim. When she came back into the house with a soaking wet shirt, I put my foot down and finally got it off her–but not without a fight.

So then Zoey was a good girl while mommy was grocery shopping a few days later and I allowed her to pick out a toy to buy (we don’t always use this tactic, but if I’m stressed or Zoey’s in a MOOD, you bet your butt I used bribery). She almost lost her mind when she saw the mermaid Barbie dolls in the toy aisles. Eleven dollars a piece, I thought. SOLD.

So, that pretty much brings you up to speed to where we are now.  This is the mermaid crew Zoey has accumulated so far:

They look a little bedraggled because they’ve been through a lot. They swim in the baby pool almost every day, ride in the car to Grandma Hoose’s house and occasionally, they have to sleep with Zoey in her big girl bed. Also, they have been stepped on courtesy of Brutus and Scout. On one occasion, they made their way into Greg’s and my bed with Zoey, but I put the kibosh on that when I realized that their fins are actually kind of sharp and not even remotely comfortable when you accidentally roll over on them.

Now Zoey is looking forward to the Olympics because she’s convinced that the men swimmers we saw this morning on the Today show are mermaids.

Mermaids. Everything is mermaids right now.


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