The Crew In Review (Week of 8/11/12)


Just little bits from the past week:

1. Greg finished a painting job in Cortland and met with a couple in Dryden to do a quote for exterior and interior work on their house. He’s planning on doing some painting work for his dad and step-mom this week and we’re looking for a way to fit in a quick job in Baldwinsville. Langer Painting is officially successful and continually growing.

2. Miss Zoey had a couple of playdates with her BFF Charleigh this past week at my mom’s house.

Both girls like playing on the new playground and playing that they are going through the Burger King drive-thru.

But on a very big plus side, Zoey did not cry at all when I left her at Grandma Hoose’s house. She had been with me pretty much exclusively for a month and a half while my mom recovered from surgery and when I dropped her off for a playdate at my mom’s house after that time, Zoey had a hard time settling in. This past Thursday, though, it was a totally different story and she was completely fine with it–as long as she got to wave bye-bye to Mommy (which melted my heart).

3. Greg and I had a rare opportunity to go out to lunch in Syracuse (we had some errands to run in the area), so we ended up going to Dinosaur BBQ.


Greg’s meal

My meal

It turns out that the food, although fantastic, tends to hide the fact that drinks are somewhat expensive as all get-out. Greg’s dad and step-mom told us last night about a restaurant in Cortland that is much cheaper and better quality. Since Dinosaur BBQ has been such a huge presence in Syracuse for so long, it will be interesting to see if this place in Cortland is better.

4. After battling with Zoey numerous times to leave her DVDs in their cases, I finally got smart about it. She really wanted to play with the cases, but I was worried she’d scratch the DVDs in the process. My solution? I put all of her DVDs in a CD wallet. Not only can I find them easily, they are also protected from scratches and dust–and Zoey can play with the cases as long as she wants.

5. I got a call from Greg’s sister, Kim, on Thursday about a possibly job opportunity. It wasn’t something I had ever considered simply because I assumed I wasn’t qualified for it. I’m not going to give a whole lot of details about it because I don’t want to jinx myself, but I will say that I’m extremely excited (and nervous!) at the possibility of a whole new world being open to me.

6. We went for a boat ride at Grampy Emmett and Grammy Karen’s house yesterday afternoon.

Even though Zoey hadn’t had a nap, she was in good spirits and especially liked it when Grampy Emmett made the boat go really fast. She also liked seeing a dog in a doggie life vest playing fetch with his owner on the shore. She yelled out, “Splash!” every time the dog jumped in the water. Naturally, she talked Grammy Karen into going in the hot tub with her and watching a Fresh Beat Band episode after dinner.

7. Scout, one of our dogs, is finally accepting Tilly, our cat. Greg and I are ecstatic that those two are getting along well enough that they both sleep on our bed every night. I think Tilly has just decided not to put up with Scout’s shenanigans anymore and Scout has decided not to eat Tilly. So, everyone wins!

8. Zoey started saying ‘Sorby’ (sorry) and ‘daaber’ (diaper). We have been working on learning to count up to fifteen (she refuses to say one and once she gets up to fifteen she gets a little lost. But all the numbers in between are there) and her ABCs (she sings the song with me and even anticipates some of the letters. However, the way she sings the song, there are three Es and a few Ss).


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