32 Is the New 29…Or Something


Yesterday was my birthday and it was a pretty awesome day. I got up early to enjoy about five seconds of a cup of coffee before Zoey woke up and started demanding juice and cookies. At Greg’s prompting, she told me, “Happy!”, which is her version of happy birthday.

Then it was a whirlwind of making Zoey’s lunch and getting Greg off to work and Zoey off to my mom’s house for the day. I was originally going to keep Zoey home with me for the day, but then Greg mentioned that he wanted to take me out to lunch and to Barnes and Noble and I knew that our baby would get bored with all of that nerdy book stuff really fast. So, she went to Grandma Hoose’s house to hang out with Grandma and Charleigh, the other little girl my mom watches during the week.

After dropping off Zoey, I came home and went straight to work on some scrapbooking. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a good couple of hours to sit and work on one of my books without interruption and it felt GREAT.

When Greg got home a little after noon, we piled in the car and headed to Erie Blvd. in Syracuse to go to lunch at a Chinese buffet, Empire Buffet. Greg had left the choice up to me and I decided to have a low-cost lunch so that I would have more money to spend on BOOKS. Seriously, I was looking forward to just roaming around the bookstore for a while. And the buffet ended up being AWESOME–although they totally nickel and dime you on the drinks–the biggest I’ve ever been to and with the best variety.

We ate way, way, way too much and then headed to Barnes and Noble for a little book therapy. Okay, look, I love book shopping and I don’t get to do it very often. And Greg had pretty much told me to have at it, which meant I got to practically skip through the store in my own little world and pick out book after book after book–yea! I admit, Greg was sort of just getting out of the car as I was already crossing the parking lot to rock out the book buying.

Reading nerd? Why yes, that’s me.

After my book shopping, we headed to my mom’s house to pick up Zoey. My little girl gave me a big hug when she saw me and then she gave me a card  that I’m pretty sure Grandma Hoose helped her make:

And on the inside:

DEFINITELY a keeper.

Then Zoey started asking for cake and saying that she wanted some, which sort of confused me because I hadn’t sent any cake in her lunch. But it turned out that she had helped Grandma Hoose make cupcakes as a surprise for my birthday:

Let me just describe them for you: moist chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips inside, chocolate frosting and a chocolate chip on the top. Heaven. Just Heaven.

Grandma helped Zoey hand me the tray of cupcakes and in her excitement, Zoey accidentally smushed some of the frosting (look at the top row, second cupcake from the left). ADORABLE. I had to tell her about fifty billion times that we could have a cupcake when we got home because she apparently thought that if she kept asking me, I would change my mind and you know, just give her the whole pan or something.

As it was, when we got home, Zoey wasted no time getting in the back door, rushing to her little table in the living room, sitting down and looking at me expectantly for a cupcake. Forget supper. Girlfriend wanted a cupcake.

And she got one:

Naturally, this led to a bath in which she played with her mermaid dolls and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. God, I love her so much.

Dinner was a super-huge surprise–steak with lobster tails courtesy of Greg’s dad and step-mom, Emmett and Karen. Thanks, guys. It was awesome.

Add on the fact that I got tons of Facebook messages and texts wishing me a happy birthday–it was an awesome day.

Super-huge thanks to everyone who helped to make my day special. I appreciate it to no end. And a special super-huge thanks to my favorite guy, Mr. Greg, because he made me feel so incredibly special by being awesome. And a big thanks to Zoey, who assured me that the cupcakes were really good. 🙂

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