He Liked It So Much He Put a Ring On It


Okay, first of all, I HATE that Beyonce song because it’s annoying as all get-out because ALL THE SING LADIES! ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! OH HO HO! OH HO HO! God, I hate it so much. And yet, it has been pretty much on repeat in my brain since Tuesday night. What happened to start the Beyonce sing-along in my mind, you ask? Well, only a little thing called an ENGAGEMENT.

This is how it all went down:

Greg worked all day on Tuesday and ended up working over to get closer to finishing that particular paint job. In the meantime, Zoey and I had spent the day at home with the dogs. It was kind of a long day for both of us for some reason and we both were happy when we heard Greg’s car in the driveway.

So Greg came in the house and well, let me just set the scene:

There were toy cars, Barbie doll mermaids, coloring books and play food  strewn all over the floor in the living room. Scout was scratching at the front door to go out. Zoey was bouncing on the couch while watching The Fresh Beat Band on the TV and I was sitting next to her–in my pajamas, mind you–trying to hold onto the last vestiges of my sanity.

So Greg came in the house, put his work stuff down in the kitchen, said hello to Zoey and I and then said he wanted to talk to me about something. Okey Dokey. He walked back into the kitchen (no doubt to build suspense and also to fetch the ring box he had brought in from his car) and when he came back in the living room, he said, “I need you to do me a favor.”

No problem. Name it.

He got down on one knee in front of the couch and said, “The next time you go shopping with your mom, I need you guys to get this resized.” And he hands me the box. While he’s down on one knee.


“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m proposing to you,” he answered.

And that would be the point in time when I almost peed my pants.

We had talked about ‘when we get married’ for quite a long time, but we both were a little skittish about the concept and besides, it already FELT like we were married what with living together and having a child and two dogs and a cat and paying bills and whatnot. We knew we’d get married…eventually, but I had no idea that Mr. Lang was ready to get all up in the engagement. It was a total surprise to me. Hence the almost peeing.

“Are you sure?” I asked. Maybe he was just caught up in the moment–what with me in my not-so-sexy tank top and a pair of his pajama pants–or maybe this was just some way to con me into doing the dishes and making supper? All kidding aside, I wanted to make sure he really, really heart of hearts was cool with this because I was about two seconds away from becoming a total full-out girly excited mess in front of him.

“Honey, I wouldn’t have asked you if I wasn’t sure,” he said and I think I saw a small eye roll.

“But are you SURE?” I asked again.

“Shut up,” he answered and then I knew. He was sure. And I was sure. And HOLY HANNAH HE WAS PROPOSING TO ME.

And of course, I said yes and we hugged and kissed.

And of course, I cried like a total girl.

And of course, Zoey was totally oblivious to the entire thing and kept jumping on the couch.

The entire time all I could think was, I AM IN MY PAJAMAS.

We celebrated by Greg making he and I white Russians and Zoey had a tiny bit of soda (we only give her about a half an inch in her cup at a time). Except that she totally took advantage of the situation because while Greg and I starting calling family members to tell them what had just happened, she kept asking us for soda and because our minds were on other things–Greg and I totally lost count as to how many times we refilled her big-girl cup. Smart girl.

So, I texted my three sisters and my mom and then waited for shocked responses. At first, nothing. It turns out that all four of them were in different places than their phones at the point in time that Greg and I got engaged. Clearly, they hadn’t been aware that they had been on call should anyone GET ENGAGED. But then I got a text from Cristy, my younger sister, first. She was all excited. Then my mom called because I had texted to her was a picture of the ring on my finger with the message “Look what I just got”. Then my older sisters, Colleen and Cheryl both called because, wait, what? Cindy and Greg are engaged?!?!?! Holy freakin’ moly.

In the meantime, Greg called his cousin, Cory, about something completely unrelated and ended up telling him our big news. Then he texted his cousin, Pete (both cousins are like Greg’s brothers). And then he called his sister, Kim, who said that their mom would be SO happy at our engagement, which made me bawl even more because I miss their mom so much.
It’s actually her ring that Greg gave to me when he proposed–and that means the world to me.

About a half an hour after the whole proposal and phone calls and text messages, I went on Facebook (because it’s not real unless you put it on Facebook, right?) and posted a new status about being engaged. I want to say a big, huge thanks to all of my Facebook friends and family for all of your nice comments. It means so much to Greg and I that you guys are just as excited about our engagement as we are.


So yeah.

Wanna see the ring?

It’s about one size too small (because Carol’s fingers were nice and slender and mine are short and pudgy. Anyway). So I’m wearing it on my pinkie LIKE A BOSS until I can get it resized. Isn’t it beautiful and perfect and OH MY GOSH! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!


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