The Crew in Review (Weeks of 8/18/12, 8/25/12 and 9/1/12)


Wow, it’s been a while. the past couple of weeks have been really chaotic for us, which, unfortunately, meant less posts on here. But now we’re back–are you excited?!?! And we’ve got lots of stories and pictures to share from the last couple weeks. On top of that, the seasons are slowly changing; Autumn is definitely on its way. What does this mean for The Crew? A lot more adventures. So stay tuned.

So here’s what we’ve been up to:

1. Greg sprained his ankle, which put his painting work behind a day since he had to stay home and rest. How did he do it? Yeah, he stepped in a hole that one of our dumb dogs had dug in the front yard.

2. Zoey started saying, “I luh lah (I love you)” and giving lots of hugs.

3. I found out that I did not get the job that I had applied for a few weeks ago–pretty much because the adjunct instructor positions were already filled for the semester. The Dean of Instructors did say. however, that he was hoping I would be available next semester. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see where we’re at when that time rolls around.

4. Greg did another quote on a house pretty much right next door to my parent’s house. The owners of the house are a young couple with a little girl-Zoey’s BFF, Charleigh. While Greg walked around with the dad to go over the work for the quote, Zoey, Charleigh, Charleigh’s mom and I checked out their chicken coop and then played in their living room. Greg and the dad seemed to really hit it off over…beer. Charleigh’s dad and a friend make their own beer and Greg enjoys drinking it–a match made in Heaven. We ended up leaving their house with a six-pack of homemade beer and a dozen fresh eggs.

The next night, we were back at their house for a bonfire with some more of their friends. We had a fantastic time and Greg and I are so happy that we’ve met another couple in our area with a little girl around Zoey’s age.

5. As a family, we traveled to Rochester to visit Strong Museum of Play, which is one of the most amazing places in the world for kids. If you’re in the Rochester area and you have kids, you MUST spend an afternoon at this place. A blog post with pictures will be posted in the near future. As part of our Strong trip, we met up with my sister, Cheryl, and her kids at the museum and then went home with them for dinner. It was absolutely awesome connecting with Cheryl and her husband, Ben. We don’t get to see Cheryl, Ben and their kids all that often because two-hour distance between us. However, I have a feeling in the future that’s going to change.

Zoey fell in love with Cheryl’s kids and followed them around their house. She also loved that they have a pool in their basement, a pet mouse (gah!) and that Aunt Cheryl knows a real live mermaid (she has a friend who works at as a mermaid at Ripleys Believe It Or Not in Myrtle Beach).

6. My sister, Cristy, and her fiance, Nate, had their engagement party–hosted by Nate’s mom–at a country club in Camillus, New York. It was a beautiful party and a wonderful way to meet Nate’s family.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Zoey, meanwhile, hung out at her Aunt Kim’s house and watched Fresh Beat Band episodes with her cousin, Lisa.

7. I celebrated my, um, twenty-fifth birthday (sure, that’s the right number. Uh huh. Shut up) on the twentieth. Greg took me to  a Chinese buffet in Syracuse for lunch and then let me roam free at Barnes and Noble. BEST present ever for a book nerd like me. When we picked Zoey up from my mom’s house, we found that Zoey had helped my mom make double chocolate (YUM!) cupcakes for me, as well as the most adorable birthday card. Click here to see the cupcakes, the birthday card and why we had to give Zoey a bath after she had one of the cupcakes.

8. The day after my birthday, Greg and I decided to up the crazy around our house by GETTING ENGAGED. It was the most unexpected proposal, considering I was wearing pajamas and Zoey was bouncing next to us on the couch, but it was totally perfect in every way. Click here to read all about it.

9. My parents hosted their annual picnic for my mom’s brothers and sisters. Although there was a small turn-out this year, we had an awesome time. Stay tuned for pictures and stories from that party–coming soon.

10. I came down with a horrible cold and headache that lasted quite a few days. I was convinced it was a sinus infection and was worried it might put a damper on our plans for the end of that week, but thankfully the cold had quieted to just a stuffy nose and a semi-hoarse voice by that time.

11. Greg and I visited the New York State Fair. We had an awesome time and came home sunburned and tired. I’ll be posting pics and more from our trip to the NYS fair in the near future.

12. The Crew went camping–and by camping I mean we stayed in a cabin with electricity, running water and a microwave. Yep, we were roughing it! Regardless, we had an awesome time, but our trip was cut short by our idiot dogs that just don’t know how to act in public. More on that story, along with LOTS of pictures, soon.

And that pretty much brings us up to the present time. As you can tell, I owe you guys a lot of stories and pictures, so bear with me while I get caught up on everything.


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