Our Trip To Strong National Museum of Play, Part Two


If you haven’t read about part one of our trip, you might want to click here.

So when we left off, Zoey was taking the miniature Wegmans by storm–rocking out the grocery shopping and pretending to be a cashier at the register.

But there was SO much more to see and she was unstoppable, which is great because that’s EXACTLY what that type of museum is for. Greg and I basically followed her around to see what she’d discover next.

Pony tail flying, this girl was ON THE GO

Things Zoey found:

A hula hoop

A yellow brick road

An upside down house

A troll

And all of that was awesome and wonderful and fun. But then she discovered the Berenstain Bears room, which ended up being the place we spent most of our time that afternoon.

Hello, Brother Bear

The Berenstain Bears room pretty much held the whole Berenstain Bears town–the kids clubhouses, the market, the diner–everything hands-on for the kids to play with.

I love the detail they put into everything

Zoey discovered one of the two clubhouses had a slide on it and proceeded to spend the next, oh, half an hour or so playing just on the slide.

Isn’t she adorable?

The she got creative and decided to go down backwards:

Our little dare devil

When the slide lost some of its appeal, she discovered the Berenstain Bears cafe, in which kids could pretend to make meals.

Zoey hard at work making dinner with her cousin, Keira (in the green shirt)

This is what Zoey served Greg and I:

A piece of canteloupe, two pancakes, a burger with a tomato and a piece of pie

As we were leaving that part of the museum, we ran into a special person/bear:

Sister Bear!!

And the picture above shows exactly how close Zoey was comfortable getting to Sister Bear. Apparently she’s inherited her mommy’s feelings of being weirded out by people in costumes. I will say, however, that when Sister Bear waved at Zoey a couple times, Zoey grinned from ear to ear. Clearly, Sister Bear was okay at a distance, but not up close–in Zoey’s opinion.

By that point, we were all pretty tired because we had spent most of the afternoon at Strong and yet, we hadn’t even seen everything. There were still the toy collections (which we figured Zoey was too young to enjoy, so we skipped them) and the butterfly garden and who knows what else–this place went on and on and on and on. Everywhere you turned there was a whole new room of stuff to explore and little alcoves with computers to play on or short educational movies to watch. And books! There were books all over the place for kids to browse–story books, educational books. Have I mentioned how much I love this place?

My favorite picture from that day

When we left the museum, we went to my sister’s house for dinner and ended up staying until around eight-thirty. My sister, Cheryl, showed Zoey pictures of her real mermaid friend (she knows a girl who works as a mermaid at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Myrtle Beach), which blew Zoey’s mind. But then Cheryl gave her a belated birthday present–a set of little mermaid dolls, which was the BESTTHINGEVEROMG! in Zoey’s opinion.

Around eight-thirty, Greg and I remembered that 1. we had two dogs at home that needed to be fed and let outside, 2. Greg had to work the next day and 3. we still had a two hour drive home. So, although we wanted more than anything else to stay longer, we didn’t have a whole lot of choice other than to head home.

I dozed in the backseat with Zoey while Greg got us home safely. We were all so exhausted after such a great day that we took care of the dogs and then we straight to bed.

So, would I recommend the Strong National Museum of Play to other parents of little ones? Yes, yes I would. Absolutely. If you’re in the Rochester area, be sure to check it out. Your kids will love it.

For more information on the Strong National Museum of Play, click here.

For even MORE pictures from our trip to the museum, click here.

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