The Crew in Review (Week of 9/9/12)


Just a few tidbits from the past week:

1. It took Scout and Brutus about two days to recover from our short camping trip. They were so exhausted after being awake for almost twenty-four hours straight, so they slept A LOT when we got home.

2. Langer Painting got a new toy:

This ladder was a long time in coming; it’s 32′ and weighs a crap-load

And because we got the ladder, the Mommy Mobile was employed as the Langer Painting Mobile:

They see us rollin, they hatin’

3. I got to spend half a day on Tuesday with my mama, as we went clothes shopping (her gift to me for my birthday) and then out to lunch. Zoey had quality time with her daddy, which consisted of watching cartoons and eating macaroni and cheese. While I was out, Greg sent me a text message that Zoey wanted me to bring home cake–her new favorite thing. I  took home some mini cupcakes and she was in Heaven.

4. I dropped my engagement ring (because we’re GETTING MARRIED) off at Kay Jewelers to get it resized. It should be back around the 21st of this month, I was told, which means come that date, I will be at their door when they open.

5. We found out one of our good friends had a serious fall and is currently in the hospital recovering. The entire Crew is praying for his swift recovery.

6. Miss Zoey has decided that one of her daily rituals is to share a soda with Greg when he gets home from work. She only has about an inch in the bottom of a plastic kid’s cup, but she thinks it is just the coolest thing EVER.

7.  Zoey discovered she loves popcorn:

nom nom nom

8.  Also, this happened:

Oh child…

9. On Friday, we went to Greg’s dad and stepmom’s house for dinner and a boat ride:

Emmett, driving the boat LIKE A BOSS

Karen, looking thoughtful

Greg, deep in conversation

Miss Zoey, the most beautiful girl in the entire world

10. Yesterday, my mom and I went to a book sale at the Tully library. A bag of books was only three dollars. Score! Because I am such a book nerd, I ended up getting three big bags full of awesomeness. We’re talking between twenty-five and thirty hardcover books for only nine dollars. Considering the publisher’s price for a single hardcover is typically around twenty-five dollars, I got a really, really, REALLY good deal.

11. Zoey Grace developed a love of stickers this week. They have always interested her, but this week she took it to a whole new level. The only problem is, she tends to take the stickers off the backing sheet and put them in a little pile on her sticker book. Thus, I buy the el cheapo stickers with more than one sheet included. I found smiley face stickers (9 sheets in one pack) for two dollars at Kinney Drugs. Walmart has pretty cheap ones (Sesame Street, Dora, etc) for a little over two dollars.


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