Our Trip To the New York State Fair, Part One


This morning it’s really cold, so I thought I’d take this moment to write about a day when the sun was shining and Greg and I spent the entire day outside–and ended up getting sunburns and sore feet for our trouble. But we had a blast. A couple of weeks ago (jeez, has it been a couple of weeks already?), Greg and I went to the New York state fair. We had decided to leave Zoey at my mom’s house for the day because 1. she’s going through this stage where she enjoys her independence and likes to explore, which results in her NOT wanting to hold Mommy or Daddy’s hand or sit in her stroller when we’re in a public place (she is getting slightly better with the holding the hand thing). And 2. we figured she’d be much happier hanging out with all of her little friends at my mom’s house instead of doing stupid adult things like drinking wine slushies and taking lots of pictures of rides. But as soon as we stepped on the fairgrounds, Greg and I started missing her and I can’t even remember how many times we both remarked how we wish we had brought her to show her everything.

So Greg and I went together sans child, which meant that we got to walk around, holding hands and just enjoying being together.

Shortly after we got to the fair, we found this weird little booth that had a myriad of strange animal meat on a stick. Seriously. There was kangaroo on a stick, shark on a stick and something called alligator jerky. Greg wanted to try to shark on a stick and because it’s the fair and anything goes there, we bought some to share.

It was very gross

To get the taste of yuck out of our mouths, we headed to one of our favorite spots at the fair–a place we always try to hit up when we’re there:

Fantastic place with cheap drinks

We discovered this place a few years ago. They play Jimmy Buffett music (Greg’s absolute favorite), the drinks are inexpensive and they have misters that they use on the crowd when it gets too hot to live. And you know what? The staff is ALWAYS incredibly nice.

Another one of our favorite places to go at the fair, is this place:

Is that me on the left side of the deck, finishing up a drink?

A little more pricey than Fairgaritaville, it’s on the other side of the midway and every time we’ve gone there, it has never been busy. Apparently they have live music on certain nights, as there is a stage set up right behind the bar.

So after visiting these places, we started just wandering around and we came upon the booth for my favorite radio station, 95x. As is the tradition, they had their yearly sign up:

Yeah. Go Upstate New York.

That sign cracks me up every year.

We wandered into the dairy building to see the butter sculpture:


I suppose it has something to do with the Olympics, but it was kind of weird. I mean, look at the face of the girl:


After leaving the dairy building, we went in search of the wine slushies tent. On the way, we found this guy:

We’re still unsure if he was a performer or just some crazy person at the fair. I’m thinking it might be the latter.

We found the wine slushies tent and I fell in love with a raspberry wine slushie while Greg stuck to the traditional sangria slushie:

My raspberry wine slushie

Now take a look at our lunch:

A chicken gyro for me, Philly cheese steak for Greg and we shared the fries

Check back for part two soon!!


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