Our Trip to the New York State Fair, Part Three


Check out part one of our story here and part two here.

Don’t worry, this part is A LOT shorter than the other two.

Okay, when we last left off in our story, Greg and I were heading towards the midway for some last-minute fun before we had to head to my mom’s house to pick up Zoey. We weren’t really interested in going on any rides save the ferris wheel (we wanted to take pictures from the sky); we were much more interested in capturing the essence of the midway via our camera.

Here’s what we came up with:

My absolute favorite pictures from the midway are the ferris wheel ones:

As I mentioned, Greg and I had wanted to capture pictures from the sky, so we went on the ferris wheel. Unfortunately, we got stuck in the same car as a couple of kids who spent the whole ride talking about their fear of heights and how if they fell out or if the car broke off, we’d all die. Wonderful. Just what you want to be reminded of when you’re way up in the air like that.

But at least we got some awesome pictures:

After the ferris wheel ride, we headed for the parking lot (on the very other end of the fairgrounds). As I mentioned in the first post, we were sunburned and our feet ached from walking so much, but we had an awesome time. And next year, we’ll definitely take Zoey will us to show her everything.

For even more pics from our New York State Fair trip, click here.


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